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Amaris Foundation

Amaris Foundation commits to support projects and associations dedicated to using technology & innovative solutions to help foster independence in various fields of action: Energy, Healthcare, Education, Employment, Food self-sufficiency…

Why is Independence your axis of action?

Independence is a fundamental value of Amaris. It made us able to grow fast, to choose our strategy freely and be actor of our own success. For us, Independence is a collective value, every employee benefits from it, building her/his career and contributing to Amaris global project. With the Amaris Foundation we wanted to take this value beyond our walls and enable everyone to enjoy the same freedom of choice and the same ability to build the World of tomorrow. The foundation will support projects & initiatives dedicated to foster Independence in various aspects: Energetic, academic, alimentary, professional, sanitary… 


Our Commitments

Community Engagement

We are deeply aware that we can have a positive impact on our environment and on the communities around us. To make the most of it, we support various charities all around the world.

Our latest partnership : Dachhiri Dawa Sherpa, an association that builds schools, clinics and brings electricity to disadvantaged regions in Nepal.

Visit their website and be a part of this great project : Dachhiri Dawa Sherpa

Diversity and equal opportunity

Diversity of experience and background is a key factor in Amaris' success. The Group’s wealth lies in its teams, their varied backgrounds and multidisciplinary skills. This diversity guarantees the best possible service to our clients.

Amaris has instituted a fair recruitment policy. All employees benefit from career path management and can grow according to their wishes, coupled with the company’s needs.


Amaris has set up a training programme within its internal university; the objective is to familiarise new hires with the Group’s culture and to promote the development of its teams’ skills and talents.

A personalised training programme with multiple formats and contents is set up for each consultant, while employees in the Corporate offices benefit from the Amaris Training Programme: an internal training university that enables them to master the skills that are essential to their respective jobs. Our training programmes are adapted to constantly evolving tools and methods in both technology and management.

Employee well-being

Amaris is dedicated to improving its employees’ quality of life and therefore includes health and safety issues in its management system, compliant with the legislation in force in the countries where it is located. We encourage team spirit, sharing, and the exchange of ideas in our day-to-day work. Our development, recognition and stress management policies create a pleasant work environment where everyone is free to be themselves.

Internal and international mobility

Internal and international mobility expands horizons and improves skills, which makes it a powerful growth factor.

At Amaris, mobility and growth are encouraged, and careers are individualized. They are not based on a rigid process, but depend rather on each individual’s motivations, coupled with the company needs.

Amaris foundation is the first collaborative foundation that is deeply engaging its donor with its actions.

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