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Our commitments in terms of quality are an essential component of our relationship with our clients, as well as of our way of working and managing our projects. The best service quality indicator is and has always been our clients’ renewed trust: year in and year out, our client retention rate has been approximately 95%. 
Independent evaluations and certifications also attest to our respect for the industry’s best practices. Amaris is ISO9001 compliant, which guarantees the highest level of quality. 
Our approach to constant improvement is based on two additional key elements:

External quality

> Client retention and satisfaction (operational structure for project follow-ups, survey on how the Amaris Group is perceived) 

> Partner satisfaction

Internal quality

> Employee Satisfaction

> Improvements in the company’s internal operations (process optimisation, skills management improvement, optimisation of recruiting and training methods, etc.) 

With this overall commitment to quality that is based on systemic, replicable principles, Amaris adds to its maturity and constantly reinforces the quality of its services.

Our quality is guaranteed thanks to our delivery models

About ISO 9001

In June 2013, Amaris obtained the ISO 9001 certification for one of its main subsidiaries. The Group, which already complies with the ISO management system standards, is expanding the certification within all its subsidiaries. 

Implementing these standards highlights our commitment to providing a high level of client satisfaction and demonstrates the existence of an effective quality management system. Our clients will benefit from an improved quality of service as well as on time delivery, demonstrated trough an independent audit. 

By adopting an approach that starts out to implement more efficient working practices and focuses on the business objectives of the organisation, the Group aims at achieving a system that will help and support not only our clients but also our employees. The ISO processes generate many positive impacts and value creation within the company: the areas of responsibility across the organization are better defined, the senior management is provided with an efficient management process, and more cost efficient and time saving processes are generalized. 
The Group’s top management is continuously engaged for the setting of the Quality policy, as well as quality goals and objectives.

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