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Amaris is an international group of Consultants in Technology and Management, with more than 40 offices across the world. Amaris' success is based largely on personalized service which creates a close relationship between their Clients and their Consultants, which in turn, adds value to their projects.

Your role:

Handle the conception of the optical fiber networks, regarding the technology and geographic constraints. Pilot the teams in regions. Provide support to the technicians on field. Give assistance to the project manager in his/her daily tasks. Be able to improve your skills really quickly to gain in responsibilities and start driving your subcontractors.

Your profile:

Holder of an Engineering degree from a top engineering school or from university, you can justify at least 6 months of experience in the telecommunications industry, especially on optical fiber networks conception. Knowledge of GIS would be a plus. Many carrier progressions are to plan in Optical fiber engineering and in its deployment. Languages: English, French

Country: Canada  /  Location: Montreal
Languages: English / French
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Amaris looked to me like a Group able to meet my aspirations for rapid advancement.