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Amaris Foundation


What is Amaris Foundation?

Created in 2015, Amaris Foundation is a registered non-profit organization.
Our funding comes from various sources: first our employees, as indirect contribution, then the Amaris subdivisions and external donators, are direct contributors.

The Amaris Foundation commits to support innovative projects managed by non-profit organisations dedicated to foster independence in various fields of action: Healthcare, Education, Employment, Food self-sufficiency...


Why is Independence our axis of action?

« Independence is a fundamental value of Amaris. It enables us to grow fast, to choose our strategy freely and be the actor of our own success. For us, Independence is a collective value, every employee benefits from it, building her/his career and contributing to Amaris global project. With the Amaris Foundation we wanted to take this value beyond our walls and enable everyone to enjoy the same freedom of choice and the same ability to build the World of tomorrow. The foundation will support projects & initiatives dedicated to foster Independence in various aspects: Energetic, academic, alimentary, professional, sanitary...»,

Olivier TISSEYRE, President of Amaris Foundation and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Amaris Group
Olivier Brourhant Vice-President of Amaris Foundation, CEO of Amaris Group


Why having created Amaris Foundation?

"Amaris has been committed to CSR since its creation. By donating on a regular basis to associations or creating the « Make a difference program », we are determined to use our expertise for the general welfare. Developing our Foundation is a natural extension of our vision."
Olivier Brourhant, President of Amaris Foundation, CEO of Amaris Group.

Make a difference program: As a successful introduction to our CSR policy, we created Make a Difference Program. The essence of this program is to give a responsible alternative to employees who wish to celebrate their special day with generosity, turning their birthday gift into donation. This program is the seed that brought the Foundation.


Who is involved in Amaris Foundation?

Foundation Committee

The Foundation Committee is responsible of the orientation of the Foundation, the final selection of the projects as well as the promotion of Amaris Foundation throughout  the Media.

  • Olivier Tisseyre, President, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Amaris Group
  • Olivier Brourhant, Vice-President, CEO of Amaris Group
  • Etienne Cadre, Senior Trustee, Human Resources Director of Amaris Group
  • Caroline Decre, Senior Trustee, Group Recruitment Director of Amaris Group
  • Sara Mondragon, Trustee, Senior Manager
  • Cédric Cadic, Trustee, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Cécile Ferrante, Trustee, Foundation manager


Foundation Team

The Foundation Committee delegates day-to-day management to the Foundation Team.

  • Cécile Ferrante, Foundation Manager
  • Ilinca Bodolea,Foundation Administrative and Financial Officer
  • Margaux Maugeais, Foundation Project Officer



How does Amaris Foundation works?

We are a collaborative foundation which means that our funds come from our employees and our subsidiaries. Our members are Amaris employees who decided to engage in the foundation at no cost.

We have two types of engagement, two ways of funding projects :

  • First we fund elected projects and non-profit organizations freely proposed and voted by our members and donators.
  • Then we fund long-term projects led by a non-profit organisation, freely chosen by Amaris Foundation Committee.



How does the committee choose which projects to support?

We must ensure that the project or the non-profit organisation respect three essential criterias:

  • Use innovative solutions to foster independence;
  • Respect our rules of Ethics: no discrimination of any kind, no promotion of a political or religious organisation, technical, financial and human feasibility;
  • Have a local, concrete and measurable impact.


Then the projects which respect all these rules are carefully studied by our Foundation Team before being proposed either to our Foundation Committee (for long-term projects), or to our members and donators once a year.


Can you sponsor me to cycle around the world / climb a mountain / create your ecological farm in Africa?

If your project is neither related to nor led by a non-profit organisation, we unfortunately cannot help. We are a grant-making charity and therefore we fund only non-profit organisations to promote  innovative solutions to foster independence.


Proposing a project or a non-profit organization


What are the proposal project's rules?

To be selected the non-profit organisation needs to: 1. Use innovative solutions to foster independence; 2. Respect our rules of Ethics : no discrimination of any kind, no promotion of a political or religious organisation; 3. Have a local, concrete and measurable impact.

Then submitting a new non-profit organisation to the Amaris Foundation is simple: 4. Collect all the information required with the non-profit organisation then fulfil the forn online. If you need more information take a look at our Project Proposal Guidelines or send us an email at foundation@amaris.com.


Who can submit a non-profit organisation?

Each member and donor can propose a project or a non-profit organisation to be funded.



I am not a member or a donor but I would like my project to benefit from Amaris Foundation.

You have a project that you would like to share with us? Please get in contact with the Foundation team at foundation@amaris.com.



How can I submit a project or a non-profit organisation?

First, be sure that your project or non-profit organisation respects the proposal project´s rules.
Then, go to the project page and complete the form online.

You will proceed in 2 steps:

  • STEP 1: Information required about the project you want to propose (name, description, logo etc.)
  • STEP 2: Essential information of the non-profit organisation required for us to contact the organization´s staff.




I don´t really know the non-profit organisation I would like to submit, I am not a member or a volunteer. Does it matter?

You don´t need to be a member or a volunteer of the non-profit organisation you want to propose. You just need to know if it respects the proposal project´s rules. All information required are normally public and the foundation team will contact the organisation staff directly.



Voting for a non-profit organization


Who can vote to elect a non-profit organisation to be funded?

Only our members and donators, 1 member / donator = 1 vote.


Grant attribution and project follow-up


I voted, my non-profit organisation have been funded. What´s next?

We aim at sustainable and long-term partnership. So the foundation team will follow up the project's progress and inform you on our networks regularly about it through articles, reporting, interviews etc....


My organisation have not been selected/funded! Why?

Probably it did not comply with the foundation policies and rules. Any doubts, questions or demands, please ask the foundation team at foundation@amaris.com.



More questions? Any ideas?

Contact us: foundation@amaris.com

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