I-Clown project
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Who´s behind the I-Clown project?

Franck, specialised in software analysis and development, will design and develop the I-Clown application.

Discover more about him in Franck´s interview

I-Clown project
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First step of the I-Clown project !

This Monday, we started working on the I-Clown project !

WHO? Christophe, Steven, Yacine and Franck, 4 consultants from Amaris - WHAT? Designing and developing an Ipad application to broadcast clown sketches - WHY ? Helping bring laughter to hospitalised children in the absence of physical presence of clowns.

I-Clown project
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A warm welcome from Le Rire Médecin

Margaux visited Le Rire Médecin this Monday and met Emilie, they are both project officers on the I-Clown project. Our app is taking shape... Stay tuned! 
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Amaris gave to EMMAUS in Portugal ! 

Thanks to the help of Luis and Jose, 2 consultants of Amaris, our office in Portugal gave material to EMMAUS before moving!
Amaris Foundation in the media
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I-Clown project in ADMICAL !

ADMICAL speaks about our I-Clown project and the involvement of Franck, Yacine, Christophe and Steven who will develop this app. 
  • UK-Marathon

Run for a cause

Carl, Laura, Petar, Aline, Neda, Murvi, John, Charlotte ran the Bath Half Marathon of London and raised money for Amaris Foundation! Thanks a lot to this great team. 
I-Clown project
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Who´s behind the I-Clown project?

Steven, engineer in mainframe, is learning IOS to develop the I-Clown application. Discover here his interview in English!
Steven, ingénieur mainframe, apprend le langage IOS pour développer l´application I-Clown. Découvrez ici son interview en français!
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Clearing Laos from landmines with Handicap International #PourUneTerreSansMines 

Pour une terre sans mines : à chaque don la Fondation Amaris double la mise!
Allez plus loin, PARTAGEZ

Help us clear Laos of landmines alongside Handicap International by SHARING online !
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Fiscalité rime avec Générosité !

Saviez-vous que vous la fiscalité pouvait être au service de la générosité ?
Engagez vous à nos cotés et bénéficiez de 66% de réduction sur votre don !

When taxation is synonymous with Innovation.  Help us and benefit of a tax deduction !
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THEY RELY ON US : Emmaus Lyon

Our Amaris office in Lyon organized a solidarity day with Emmaus Lyon !

“ You (Amaris employees) brought joy to the companions and made their day a bit more sunny. Thank you for your involvement in the community!” - Christophe, project manager at Emmaus Lyon
I-Clown project
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Bring Innovation, Think Foundation : Season 1, Episode 1 


Last year, Amaris Foundation members elected I-Clown project to be funded. Where do we stand today?

Let’s find out more from two Caroline’s, one from Amaris and one from Le Rire Médecin : http://amar.is/2ugUI6S

Amaris Foundation in the media
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I-Clown project in Le Rire Médecin website ! 

Le Rire Médecin published an article regarding our project co-creation on their website. Check it by clicking HERE !
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Focus on Save the Children in Romania

Giulia met Ovidiu and Alexandra from Save the Children in Romania to discuss about the `E-Safety‘ project in Romanian schools.

Do you want to know more? Discover this project here

Call for Projects
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You proposed 80 projects!

Discover short-listed projects and vote for your favorite on Monday

Voting Time
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Your Time to Act 

Discover short-listed projects and vote for your favourite one by clicking HERE

Voting Time
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One click One impact!

Vote and defend a cause by clicking HERE

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Amaris Foundation on Social Networks

Thank you for your following our pages: your support makes us grow and better support Innovation to foster Independence

Call for Projects
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Click HERE to discover our new grantees!

VUI House project
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We will support VUI House project in 2018

Do you want to learn more about this project? Click HERE

WASH project
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We will support WASH project in 2018

Do you want to learn more about this project? Click HERE

Malagasy Street Children project
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We will support Malagasy Street Children  project in 2018

Do you want to learn more about this project? Click HERE

Better All Together
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Let´s do Better All Together!

We just launched our Better All Together campaign ! Help us to go further with our 2018 projects by clicking HERE 

Press Releases
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Amaris Foundation : the consulting group launchs now its own foundation

Download Press Release here

Amaris announce the operational launch of its foundation, created at the end of 2015. The consulting company commits to support projects on the theme « Innovation to foster independence » .
Press Releases
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Amaris Foundation announces its first supported project !

Discover more in the press release here
Amaris Foundation in the media
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I-Clown project in Carenews!

Clown sketches on Ipads for hospitalised children :
Carenews announces the launch of our co-created project with Le Rire Médecin.
Press Releases
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Let´s start !

Download Press Release in English in French.

We are excited to announce you the launch of I-Clown, a co-created project with Le Rire Médecin. Thanks to the help of 4 consultants from Amaris we will develop this new application.

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Discover Sara´s record about Amaris Foundation

You can count on me. That genuinely interests me a lot !” that´s what Sara said to Olivier Tisseyre and Olivier Brourhant when she knew they wished to set up a collaborative foundation. 
Find why she wanted to be part of the Amaris Foundation´s adventure here (in French and in English).
I-Clown project
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Discover the I-Clown project !

"The funding of the Amaris foundation will enable us to launch and co-create the I-Clown project, an innovative project which was unprecedented! " according to Jean-Daniel Bagros, from Le Rire Médecin Association.

This Ipad application will be broadcasting clown sketches to help bringing laughter to hospitalised children in the absence of physical presence of clowns. 


Download our PressKit here:






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