One career pass, multiple career paths

Published: 05 May 2017,


Discover Xavier, the living proof that at Amaris if you have ambition you can shape your evolution.


August 2013: 
3 months internship in the lovely Vienna, Austria as Analyst Developer. 
Training to develop my skills and discovery of Amaris values. 

November 2013: 
6 months part-time internship in Brussels, Belgium. 
new environment led to a big discovery of the real “Consulting” side of the business. 

May 2014:
6 months internship back to Vienna, Austria as Senior Analyst Developer. 
Start to master the code, become independent, gain more responsibilities.

October 2014: 
New challenge, opening Vietnam with 2 other colleagues. 
First challenge : become an IT Development Platform Manager. 

Joined the IT Steering Committee. 
Growing up the platform up to 100+ developers today. 

Became Head of IT Production. 
Much more to continue! :) 

If you are ambitious and want to experience different fields as Xavier did, you can check our career center and find the job offer that fits you perfectly!