Your Consumer and Retail Experts

As consumer demands evolve, consumer products and retail companies must find the right balance between success today and growth tomorrow. Disruptive technologies, new business models and agile market entrants are revolutionizing the way people shop, what they buy, and how they live. In this complex environment consumer products and retail companies must shift their focus from protecting what they have, to evolving into what they need to become.

Tomorrow’s consumers are divided between terms such as “buy” and “shop”. Today these words have a similar meaning for consumers, but in future they will differentiate between what we need and what we want. They will signify the difference between spending time shopping for brands we love, that reflect our values, and feel part of who we are, and buying the necessary, but mundane.

With over 6350 talents from 95+ nationalities, Amaris Consulting can help you stay ahead of market trends. Our presence in over 60 countries gives us a profound understanding of global industry and regional markets; we add value by providing actionable insights into customer behaviour.

Amaris Consulting ensures maximum value creation for clients through our customer-centric approach to maximizing customer engagement. Our consulting expertise extends to physical stores as well as e-commerce. We help you navigate market challenges and harness potential, as well as assisting with preparations for unforeseen market turbulence. Our reports are timely and highly accurate so as to help our clients through all stages of transformation and growth programs.


A Key Partner

As a key partner for our clients in Consumer and Retail services, our teams are intervening in different areas. We are developing services and solutions for our clients, involving experts from our different business lines. This includes in particular:

Customer and digital transformation

We are an agile, responsive business which tailors every product to match not just customers’ needs, but also their motivations, thus increasing loyalty and trust.

Data analytics and security

We support clients in tackling the challenge of capturing the right data, processing it at the right speed, and taking appropriate action when needed.

Growth and new business models

Due to changing consumer behaviours, we explore the need to transform and develop new business models to meet diversified expectations, as well as improving the shopping experience.

Supply chain management

We offer consulting in supply chain management to help retailers to provide a seamless experience to customers, regardless of channel or seasonal peaks.

IT and technology strategy

IT and technology enhance retailers’ response to the marketplace, as well as collecting and analysing customer data, and boosting proficiency via a cross-working system.

Amaris Consulting offers technical expertise and solutions across a full spectrum of Consumer & Retail services.