Your Energy, Resources, and Utilities Experts

After the industrial revolution, the global average per capita energy consumption has been constantly increasing; between 1970-2014, average consumption has increased by approximately 45%. During the same period, CO2 emissions have increased exponentially.

Even with the shrinking availability of non-renewable resources, the world relies heavily on them due to the continuous development of economies and infrastructure. Markets not yet electrified such as aviation, freight, and energy intensive construction materials are fuelling this increase in demand. Concern about the effect this has on our planet has motivated energy companies to find new methods of production.

At the same time, industries like mobility are rapidly evolving towards cleaner, more decentralized, and digitalized energy systems and services, and increasing electrification. In the race to find a sustainable fuel alternative, fuel cell technology is showing great potential to significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption. However, new sources of energy come with their own set of concerns, such as social affordability triggered by additional cost of integration, transport, and storage.

In this new, changing environment, Amaris Consulting, with 6350 talents from 95+ nationalities, is offering the support our clients need for their Energy and Resources challenges. With a large network in over 60 countries and specialists available 24/7, we can help you develop new strategies, improve operating models, and create more efficient organizations.

Our strategy involves Engineering, Digitalization, and Disruptive market strategies. We evaluate every aspect including design, simulation, quality, production line optimization, cybersecurity, embedded software, industry 4.0 optimization, model transformation, regionalization, change management, and workshops.


A Key Partner

As a key partner for our clients in Energy, Resources and Utilities services, our teams are intervening in different areas. We are developing services and solutions for our clients, involving experts from our different business lines. This includes in particular:


  • Energy generation
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Smart energy

Digital Technology

  • Big data to smart data
  • Industry 4.0
  • R&D: Lab IT IA, RPA, machine learning

Disruptive Market

  • Evolution of business model: strategical support
  • Change management: interaction
  • Supply chain, production and procurement

Amaris Consulting offers technical expertise and solutions across a full spectrum of Energy, Resources and Utilities services.