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Human Resources in the modern corporate world faces a unique challenge as employees drive organizational success. Skillfully navigating this dynamic requires acquiring, developing, and retaining exceptional individuals, facilitated by cutting-edge HRIS solutions. By leveraging these tools, HR departments empower corporations to achieve strategic objectives, ensuring resilience and growth in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Advanced Corporate Transformation
Center of Excellence at Amaris Consulting

Our primary objective at the Advanced Corporate Transformation (ACT) Center of Excellence is to assist organizations by offering top-notch HRIS solutions as a Service & Implementation Partner. We specialize in executing complete implementation projects and providing HR consulting services tailored to these solutions:

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We have a long-standing partnership with Oracle, offering HR solutions such as PeopleSoft, Taleo, and since the emergence of the Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud.

With a track record of over a hundred successful projects, we have helped our clients improve their operational efficiency and enhance the quality of their employee experience.

Our Oracle HCM consultants are certified in all main modules, including core HR, recruiting, and talent. We have a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and North America, and are able to carry out any and all ambitious HR transformation projects.

We initiated our SAP SuccessFactors Partner relationship in Singapore in 2012 before expanding to Vietnam, where we completed the country’s first SAP SuccessFactors implementation project. Encouraged by our success, we further extended our reach to Europe and North America.

Our certified SAP SuccessFactors consultants combine a functional HR vision with deep technical knowledge of SuccessFactors. As a result, we implement all its modules: Employee Central, Recruitment, Performance Management and Goals, Career Development Plan, LMS, and Compensation.

We are a key Cegid Talentsoft partner in France and internationally.

As an integrator as well as a reseller, we provide complete support to our clients: implementation, support, data integration, etc.  

Our teams of certified Cegid Talentsoft consultants, based in Europe and Asia, have mastered the entire Talentsoft suite. They maintain close communication with the 100+ clients we have previously assisted in their Talentsoft projects.

We have been a Workday Services Partner since 2014 and have successfully completed dozens of international Workday implementation projects.

Our Workday certified consultants are organized across local and off-shore centers spanning three continents (Europe, Asia, and North America) in order to best support our clients with consulting services, complete implementation projects, as well as maintenance and support (AMS – Application Maintenance & Support).

Your strategic HR project guide

Beyond the integration of your HRIS solutions, Amaris Consulting provides guidance to help you develop your HR strategies, automate your HR systems, and ensure their long-term maintenance.

HR Advisory

  • Define your HR plan for the next three to five years in line with your company’s strategy
  • Harmonize and streamline your HR processes for exponential performance improvement
  • Produce HR performance indicators and enhance the promotion of your human capital
  • Discover the HR Information System that best meets your organization’s requirements
  • Drive change management inside your organization

Application Maintenance & Support

Our Application Maintenance & Support (AMS) team is committed to providing outstanding support services to achieve 100% service level agreements (SLA).  Our AMS team’s mission is to resolve your daily HR application issues in a timely manner and improve your HR applications usability.

Our AMS team provides support for the following:

  • Implementation of quality assurance standards for HR information systems
  • Handling HRIS upgrade requests
  • Management of HRIS infrastructures

Data Integration

More than 70% of our clients require interconnection between their various HR systems (payroll, time management, e-learning, recruitment, talent, training).

Amaris Consulting provides clarity on the stakes and risks associated with data integration interconnections. We follow our clients’ integration throughout the entire cycle (initial need, mock-up, project, realization, acceptance, testing, production start-up, maintenance, evolution, etc.).

Our consultants develop interfaces between various HR apps using best-in-class data integration solutions to foster a unified employee experience.


We collaborate with brands that are pioneers in HR innovation.

Our experts’ technology watch enables us to guide our clients towards the market solutions best suited to their needs and support them in implementing these solutions within their HRIS ecosystems.

Brands such as: 365Talents, Applaud, Cadena, Lucca, Serious Factory, PeopleSpheres, PageUp, e2time.com

365 Talents
Serious Factory

Why choose Amaris Consulting?

The ACT – Advanced Corporate Transformation Center of Excellence offers a unique fusion of specialized HR/HRIS expertise from a boutique company and the extensive resources of a large-scale international consulting group. This powerful combination enables us to deliver customized and impactful solutions to global clients. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of our local consultants, we ensure that our services remain relevant, effective, and tailored to the specific needs of each market.

Through our diversified partnerships, we guarantee:


Top-notch expertise for your existing HR systems: our partnerships provide access to industry-leading experts who specialize in various HR systems. They offer valuable insights and support to help optimize your existing HR systems.


Agnostic and strategic advisory consulting services: our advisory services are unbiased and strategic, tailored to your specific needs. We leverage industry trends and best practices to provide objective guidance for meaningful transformation.

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