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Amaris Consulting Centers of Excellence

Value-Adding Solutions for Today’s Challenges, Tuned to Various Industries

How Can Our Centers of Excellence Contribute to Your Business?

With rapid technological advancements and increasing competition, companies are looking for more innovative ways to address their ongoing challenges. This requires constant effort and the ability to work on projects in an iterative way. At Amaris Consulting, our aim is to be your stepping stone across these rivers of change, helping you meet challenges and realize all your projects with success.

Our Centers of Excellence (CoE) centralize knowledge of technology evolution, domain best practices, and experience with sector specificities. This way, we can offer our clients benefits such as the following:  

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Lower risks
  • Tailored projects
  • Co-created innovative solutions

Our Centers of Excellence combine deep domain knowledge with strong sector experience to help us realize business value in different industries. Our consultants throughout the world work together as part of a global community, not only to share their knowledge but also to cover different time zones and languages.

Wherever they are located, these large communities work together and learn from one another’s challenges. In addition to this peer-to-peer knowledge building, we provide continuous coaching by renowned experts.

To foster this innovative spirit, we incorporate a flexible structure mixed with advanced technology and good practices that enables practical and efficient problem solving.

What is a Center of Excellence at
Amaris Consulting?

Our Centers of Excellence

Expertise at its Finest

Agile transformation

Agile Transformation

With an increasingly complex global economy, organizations have a strong inclination to move from a traditional operating model to an agile one.



Modern Device Management

To have a secure and cost-effective technology stack, organizations must remove roadblocks and achieve device adaptation.


Quality Assurance 1

Quality Assurance

To gain valuable insights and keep up with market changes, quality assurance is a vital requirement for ensuring reliability, performance, and accessibility.


With the emergence of new technology and challenges, integrating customer experience, employee experience, user experience, and multi-experience disciplines helps organizations ensure success and remain competitive.

Data Innovation

Data & AI

The future of business is digital. In this survival of the fittest, businesses are mutating through digital transformation. The pace at which companies and their business models across industries are digitizing is accelerating.

Network Design 1

Network Design

Commercial availability of 5G promises new opportunities such as high-speed connectivity, low latency and ubiquitous coverage; however, setting this up is a new challenge organizations must face.

Managed Services 1

Managed Services

Technology has moved a long way since the days of break/fix IT, and the truth is that most internal IT services aren’t built to keep up with the fast pace of innovation.

Sustainability 1


The cultural shift toward sustainability remains a substantial challenge for the IT sector because of the growing demand of electronics and the soaring price of energy. Hence, organizations play a crucial role on the path to net-zero.



Advanced Corporate Transformation

By leveraging cutting-edge HRIS solutions, HR departments empower corporations to achieve strategic objectives, ensuring resilience and growth in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Digital Solution

Digital Solutions

With growing competition across sectors, companies must rely on custom platforms that can help them master the inherent complexity of their processes, ecosystems, and markets.

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Contract Research Organization

We specialize in unlocking innovation and ensuring compliance in Life Sciences through personalized clinical trial services. Our market-responsive expertise and technology-forward solutions cater to diverse sectors.


Life Science: Quality & Regulatory

We ensure that companies stay in perfect alignment with industry standards, facilitating product development and maintaining regulatory compliance at all times.


Health Economics & Market Access

We build up the value of your product with a combination of disease knowledge and strong strategic and analytical capabilities.


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Project Management & IT Governance

We optimize operations within established frameworks, enhancing business value through accurate project performance reporting and streamlined processes for faster time-to-market.

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Water & Environmental Engineering

To tackle challenges pertaining to water scarcity, quality, and environmental concerns at the site, we ensure accessible water resources, optimize industrial water management practices, and actively engage with sustainability initiatives.

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With our tailored solutions ranging from automating key processes to optimizing lifecycle management, we accelerate digital integration to enhance business performance.

How does it work?

Our expertise coupled with our flexible approach helps us reach different clients, sectors, and needs. We can help you do the following:


Elaborate on the problem definition so the best-fitting solutions can be proposed



Evangelize inside your organization to support the decision and change management processes



Implement solutions that incorporate sector-specific elements for optimal relevance at minimal risk

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