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CoE Managed Services

The recent pace of innovation and disruption of technology have made companies rethink how they leverage their IT departments. Having a partner who can easily grasp its benefits and implement it in your business is crucial to increase efficiency and agility.

Managed Services Center of Excellence
at Amaris Consulting

Our Center of Excellence covers all modules expected from a managed services provider. Each module works independently and can be customized according to industry and company requirements. Modules include the following:


Remote support

On-site support


Hardware Procurement



Private cloud services with Qloudwise

  • Monitoring: Amaris Consulting’s 24/7 Monitoring Protection will resolve potential issues on your devices, systems, or networks before they impact your business.
  • Remote support: An experienced team of support engineers, project leaders, and IT experts will provide guidance on such issues as help desk maintenance on infrastructure, patch management, operating backup solutions, and more.
  • Reactive and scheduled on-site support: Acting either as your IT department supporting your whole organization or as IT support to your IT department, we advise on strategies, technologies, and solutions that are deployed across our diverse client base.
  • Cloud services: We provide private services with Qloudwise.
  • Hardware procurement and licensing: We supply, install, and maintain IT equipment and software from all major vendors.
  • Reporting: We perform tasks such as billing, SLAs, and business analytics.

We provide different packages based on your infrastructure and your outsourcing needs:

  • Monitoring on Desktops
  • Monitoring Network & Internet
  • Monitoring Client Servers
  • Smartphones and PAD setup
  • Help Desk Maintenance on Desktops
  • Patch Management on Desktops
  • Field Services
  • Helpdesk Maintenance on Servers
  • Patch Management for the Servers
  • Field Services
  • Operating Backup solution
  • Monitoring & Help Desk Maintenance on Desktops/Servers/Network
  • Patch Management on Desktops/Servers/Network
  • Support on Printers
  • Smartphones and PADs
  • Operating Data Backup Solution
  • Virtual Server
  • Server Redundancy
  • Off-site Data Backup

Sector Solutions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the sector solutions we provide. If you want to assess the relevance of these solutions to your own industry, please reach out to us. 

Financial and Banking

We are experts in supporting real-time data market solutions and managing business-critical environments, providing proactive and reactive management of systems, hardware, and software to decrease downtime on operations. Additionally, we provide IMAC activities, logistics, server upgrades, managed IT network services, disaster recovery, managed backup, and virtualization (moving to the cloud) using our Amaris cloud solution Qloudwise or other platforms, helping our customers optimize their costs and increase their security.

Health Care

We help clients go through their digital transformation, managing topics like cloud, telehealth, and EHR digitalization, safeguarding the PHI , and establishing measures to ensure HIPAA compliance. We are accustomed to working with sensitive client information, which allows you to reduce the threat of data breaches and optimize patient care. Our current teams provide management, remote, and on-site IT support on the hardware and software of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Transportation and Defense

We perform the implementation, support, and maintenance of networking, communications, and security systems and subsystems on different solutions in the transportation, security, and defense sectors, including railways (trackside and onboard), aerospace, international airports, and depots. We know the main constraints of these sectors as well as the safety and security standards required; our teams support solutions of the main transport and defense providers on different project phases, including surveying, design, supply, installation, test and commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning.

Customer and Retail

Our customer service teams, technical help desk, and field support engineers provide different levels of functional and technical support in more than fifteen languages to offices, stores, and production lines for important brands in the food and luxury sectors. Our experience in the sector and point-of-sales systems allow us to find cost optimization opportunities for small and big businesses, adjusting current processes and tools and automating repetitive tasks without penalizing the customer experience. Our footprint coverage and flexibility help us quickly react to our clients’ growing and scaling requirements, including design, set-up, and installation of systems and infrastructure in new stores and showrooms; support of new services; implementation and maintenance of CRM suites and e-commerce portals; and more.


We deliver IT and management services on E2E mobile solutions, with strong experience in mobile technologies (5G) and packet core networks. We also provide services for 3GPP interfaces such as monitoring, 24/7 proactive and reactive support (first- and second-level), and more.


We are delivering IT and management services on E2E mobile solutions, with strong experience in mobile technologies (5G) & packet core networks. We are also providing services for 3GPP interfaces such as monitoring, proactive and reactive support (1st and 2nd-level support) on 24X7, and others.

Why Choose Amaris Consulting?

The Managed Services Center of Excellence is made up of consultants from around the world. 

To resolve the issues clients face, we provide the following services:


Active support, thanks to our global presence: We support all time zones and can cover international projects with 24/7 operations and centralized management. We have many hubs and local service desks and are able to provide support on-site. Indeed, we foster our clients’ proximity and cultural understanding.


Language coverage: We offer 24/7 coverage in English, German, and French and interpret more than twenty other languages, with extended coverage 16/5.

Expert guidance: We have devised mission-critical solutions in different industries with our technological partners’ backup.

Flexibility and adaptability: We offer a bundling model adapted to your requirements. If you have a special need, we can offer customized solutions or even co-create new solutions to emerging issues.


Deliverables measurement and analysis: We are oriented to user satisfaction, and we improve our performance continuously.


Trainings: When onboarded, our consultants are trained to the latest certifications, and we also offer trainings to our clients


Global standards approach: We have multiple certifications, including Cisco, VMWare, PMP, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and Veeam. Our tools and processes are ITIL-compliant, and our management is ITIL 4-certified.

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