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Quality Assurance

Achieving Quality Excellence through Expert Assessment & Validation

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In today’s environment, the demand for testing has become increasingly important, making high-quality assurance practices a vital requirement to assess product quality and associated risks. Ensuring reliable processes throughout development and the product life cycle provides valuable insights and helps in keeping up with market changes.  

Quality Assurance Center of Excellence at Amaris Consulting

Our Quality Assurance Center of Excellence is focused on helping organizations with the following :

Test Support

Assessment & Coaching



All services can be combined, providing maximum flexibility to adapt to the context. We can provide solutions for a full range of business needs:

Specially designed for a clearly defined scope and duration, test support services range from specific support on a project to implementations of test automation on different layers (and related activities) and implementations of all kinds of functional and nonfunctional testing, including mobile, performance, accessibility, and more.

Combining our expertise in testing and quality engineering with a vast experience acquired across different sectors, we analyze your current state of quality, help you list your goals, and plan the steps to reach them. We can also help unblock your delivery by focusing on technology, people, methodology, and testing debts, using approaches such as the theory of constraints.

Embedded in teams or working as an independent entity, QAaaS provides the most flexible and open service, combining the very best of our team and accelerators. Our approach enables us to provide a variety of different testing solutions and adapt our methodology to the client’s needs for scope, sizing, and even geographical location.

The knowledge and experience of our teams combined with our context-driven approach enable us to tailor trainings specifically to your needs on the topics of automation, heuristics, bug advocacy, exploration, and agile teams. We can deliver these trainings through a practical and classical approach or through an academy, boot camp, or quality learning model.

Sector Solutions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the sector solutions we provide. If you want to assess the relevance of these solutions to your own industry, please reach out to us.


Ensuring quality in the retail industry requires running testing on production for both the web and mobile versions. We provide easy-to-follow plans with small, actionable steps that insert QA activities in the different phases of the life cycle.


Consistency and efficiency are key elements for companies in the banking sector. Therefore, we provide hybrid packages combining test support services and coordination and reporting to our clients on their premises and remotely.


To guarantee performance and a continuous improvement approach, companies look for testing and updates of their platform. We help clients identify the pain points and fix technical issues to ensure growth in traffic while saving money.


We help our customers to set the right prices for their products & clients. We help them to forecast their demand (per location) and identify the best locations for shops. For e-shops, we assist with product recommendation engines and next best action marketing.

Why choose Amaris Consulting?

Implementing quality actions requires alignment of business teams and technologies. Our teams are trained to avoid potential blocking points to help you release new functionalities and keep up with the market.

Our Quality Assurance Center of Excellence teams:


benefit from our QA Academy program, which enables us to avoid recruitment struggles and continuously grow our teams;


have joined forces with Tricentis and UIPath to provide fast and agile software testing and RPA services where most of technology cannot reach;


have experience in a wide range of projects, from small maintenance services for start-ups to large, complex developments and projects for local, national, and international clients


have a strong R&D team developing AI-based tools and accelerators for our clients as part of our services.

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