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Data has been growing exponentially for a decade. Everything around us is mutating digitally and shows no signs of slowing down. In a world now powered by big data, companies are looking for better ways to unify, analyze, automatize, and monetize that data.

Data & AI Center of Excellence at Amaris Consulting

Our Data & AI Center of Excellence is focused on helping organizations with the following:

Data Platform of the Future

Helping you design your data platform to support business analytics and data science use cases

Cognitive Automation & Augmentation

Helping you eliminate waste in your processes and allowing your employees to focus on value-adding tasks


Helping you deliver a customer data platform and marketing automation capability to engage with customers across all channels

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Helping you get value from data through advanced data analysis and machine learning and through continuous interaction with end users

Specifically, we can provide solutions for a full range of business needs:

  • Design solid and sustainable enterprise-grade data platform architectures with an on-premise or cloud-based setting
  • Define architectural patterns for sourcing, storing, processing, and integrating large volumes of data with various latency requirements
  • Create high-impact business intelligence and advanced analytics workflow
  • Build powerful dashboards closely with end-users within your organization
  • Define data governance processes to ensure quality, perimeter-of-use and compliance with KPIs
  • Implement change to embrace self-service analytics and embed a data culture within teams
  • Identify waste in your processes through business process modeling and process mining 
  • Eliminate waste and optimize your processes by applying robotics process automation and cognitive automation 
  • Optimize customer contact by injecting chatbot and virtual assistant technologies into your customer journey, for both sales and services use cases 
  • Inject artificial intelligence to optimize not only repetitive tasks but also judgement based tasks 
  • Provide the best fitting solution in your architecture, ranging from customer made ML Models, to AutoML and prebuilt cognitive services 
  • Focus on the delivery of business value and deliver a fast return on investment 
  • Optimize your work by letting collaborators focus on value-adding tasks, allowing them to grow from manual laborers to knowledge workers 
  • Define a strategic roadmap toward marketing automation based on a mapping of the customer journey
  • Define requirements and implementation of a customer
  • Create data platform / DMP for targeting/advertising across channels that is relevant to your business
  • Implement data-driven marketing campaigns (recurrent or ad-hoc) in campaign management tooling
  • Help you set up, build, and implement personalization strategies
  • Assess and co-create your data strategy
  • Map opportunities and co-create your data science project portfolio
  • Deliver machine-learning projects in open-source technologies (Python, R)
  • Deploy on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solutions (Azure/Google/Amazon)
  • Embed data science products as a service
  • Conduct artificial intelligence pilots involving text, image processing, or sensor data
  • Apply MLOps methodology to streamline data-driven AI and data science initiatives, providing a faster and more streamlined iteration cycle across experiment

Sector Solutions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the sector solutions we provide. If you want to assess the relevance of these solutions to your own industry, please reach out to us.


We help our customers set the right prices for their products and clients. We help them to forecast their demand (per location) and identify the best locations for shops. For e-shops, we assist with product recommendation engines and next-best action marketing.


Our customers benefit from data science models to detect fraud and analyze claims. We also help them set insurance premiums at the right level.


Media companies have a lot of content to propose to their consumers. To attract and keep the attention of readers, viewers, or listeners, they will benefit from presenting the right content at the right moment. Our recommendation engines will take consumers’ behavior and other characteristics into account.


The telecom industry is one of harsh competition. Solid models to predict churn and propose the right remediation measures are crucial for success. This is just one example of the wide variety of analytical models we have experience with to enhance marketing in this industry.

Why Choose Amaris Consulting?

Successfully moving forward in digital transformation requires a well-founded data strategy and execution plan, driven by multidisciplinary teams that combine business insight with technical expertise across data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud development, user experience, and data visualization.

Our worldwide team of skilled people


will put value creation from available data first, instead of focusing on technology too early


understands co-creation is key and our customers’ business teams have the best view on which data to monetize, and how; and


has wide experience in typical business cases to realize in a variety of sectors

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