Agile transformation

Agile Transformation

Accelerating Success with Agile Approach to Delivery

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Born in the IT sphere, agile methodology has spread to all departments and industries to create self-organized and efficient teams. This proven approach is an asset in our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. Companies are now looking for processes that provide more value to users and more flexibility, which leads to reduced time to market and more visibility.


Agile Transformation
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Agile methodology cannot be restricted to one tool or method. Therefore, at Amaris Consulting we approach it through four axes that can be adjusted to any context. Here are some non-exhaustive examples of our approach:

Operational Transformation

Organizational Transformation


Strategic Transformation

  • Accompany the development team and its stakeholders through all its agile steps, from ideation to launch, and until the team becomes efficient
  • Support the team in its practices: Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, etc.
  • Help engage users throughout the development process and gain feedback from them to deliver a product/system that meets their needs on time
  • Train and follow up on employees in their new roles as scrum master, product owner, product manager, and business owner
  • Build communities of practice
  • Ensure the hierarchical model contributes to the team’s efficiency and a good understanding
  • Create a target operating model (TOM)
  • Make sure the organization sponsors and supports the TOM
  • Identify the operational value stream in order to de-silo the organization to serve the user and develop the product/service
  • Facilitate exchanges and reorganization between the development teams and the operations in order to enter into a multidisciplinary agile model (You build it, you run it)
  • Encourage transformational mindset of every department through workshop, team building, continuous improvement, try-outs of new practices, and e-learning video
  • Set up Serious game
  • Educate on agile acculturation and DevOps acculturation
  • Implement feedback loops on the transformed teams
  • Set up a vision of the transformation and give meaning to the need to transform and the challenge of the organization
  • Help establish a framework to foster co-creation
  • Involve board of management/executive committee in this co-creation to bring more meaning and support to the organization’s transformation
  • Implement a Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) to ensure investments and follow-up projects are made in an agile way with the creation of new roles, including Epic owner and portfolio manager
  • Create new instances of lean portfolio review and strategic portfolio review

Sector Solutions

Over the years, we have accompanied clients on different agile challenges. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the solutions we provide:


Identify value chains and create multidisciplinary teams across all research professions to find new molecules to arrive in clinical trials more quickly


Transform, train, and support a program with teams spread over all insurance businesses that create RPA applications to focus on tasks with higher added value


Digitize the workplace strategy on a group level by allowing a good understanding of the user’s needs and by helping teams bring value and functional tools to users worldwide, thereby absorbing the values of agility


Train, transform, and support unit teams delivering private cloud to customers, from waterfall to SAFe environment; promote agile roles and practices, identifying value streams to support organizational transformation; synchronize product unites biggest challenges through a Large Solution configuration


Help our client in its agile transformation to improve the organization as a whole and its processes; anticipate and evolve the continuous delivery pipeline to make deliveries smoother and easier


Coordinate organizational transformation in the automotive sector, ensuring reduction of cost and time to market as well as accompanying all the teams into their transformation


Align all the teams into the agile transformation, which requires rethinking ways of working and integrating them with the flow of demand and delivery priorities



Coordinating organizational transformation in the automotive sector involves ensuring reduction of cost & time to market as well as accompanying all the teams into their transformation.

Why choose Amaris Consulting?

Successfully moving forward with agility requires a combination of business insights with technical expertise across operational, organizational, cultural, and strategic transformations.  

Our worldwide team of skilled people:


Will help you to discover and implement news ways of working.


Offers a holistic and co-created approach to ensure efficient decision making and self-organization.


Has certified expertise in a variety of sectors.

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