Modern Device Management

Improving Your Employees’ Experience and Securing Your Devices with Cutting-Edge Management

Modern Device Management2

The way businesses and their employees use mobile devices is forcing changes in how IT teams manage them. To improve flexibility and efficiency, modern management reimagines device, application, and user management by leveraging cloud technologies to provide a new level of configuration, control, and security.

Modern Device Management
Center of Excellence at Amaris Consulting

At Amaris Consulting, we understand a company’s success depends not only on its technology but also on its employees’ experience in the workplace. That’s why we offer expert advice and support to help you deploy and manage technology solutions that not only meet the needs of your business but also create an environment that addresses the demands of today’s modern workspace. Whether it’s assisting in device security, optimizing enterprise mobility practices, or ensuring seamless scalability, we are committed to delivering solutions that enhance your employees’ experience and drive business success.

At each stage of your devices’ life cycle, we enable and secure your users:







Security & Controls


Our Modern Device Management Center of Excellence can provide solutions for a full range of business needs:

Whether you have a new solution but lack the experience to make the most of the technology, are looking to secure your existing environment or need help achieving audit and compliance goals, we work closely with your team to implement strategies, redesign your current system, or integrate new capabilities into your operation.

Customers expect plug-and-play solutions that allow them to quickly enter production. We assist you in integrating your infrastructure and systems, thereby enhancing your device management capabilities such as identity federation, MFA, automation, conditional access, and more.

Our tailored training services are designed to equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively improve the performance of your devices’ management in your environment. Our expert trainers provide hands-on, interactive training customized to your organization’s unique needs and objectives. We cover everything from basic best practices and configuration to advanced security protocols and device management techniques.

With ongoing support, you will have a dedicated expert to meet with on a regular basis. Our consultant will gain a thorough understanding of your systems, technology stack, and business, and will provide strategic and technical guidance to help you achieve your objectives.

Sector Solutions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the sector solutions we provide. If you want to assess the relevance of these solutions to your own industry, please reach out to us. 


The retail industry includes multiple stores across cities and even countries. With devices far from the reach of IT, we help automate workflows and processes for one device on a stand to self-serve customers or dozens of devices shared across your employees, managing inventory, helping customers, or processing payments.


With the rise of new technologies, remote learning has become an essential part of every educational organization. We configure, deploy, and manage thousands of devices for schools and districts so your children and teenagers can learn from home, in a safe environment.


Luxury is not only in the product: it extends to the experience employees have within the company. We work with those companies to ensure employees have a flawless experience on whatever devices they choose .


We ensure devices always have the proper configuration for employees who work outside the office or move across multiple sites so their experience is consistent.

Banking and insurance

In a very sensitive environment, these companies want their devices to be secure and up to date to avoid any misuse of information or leaks. With increasing numbers of employees working remotely, we help these institutions secure their devices.


In a sector where the employees are always outside of the office or moving across multiple sites using mobile devices. We ensure that the devices always have the proper configuration so wherever the employee is working from, his experience is consistent. 

Why Choose Amaris Consulting?

Amaris Consulting has many years of experience collaborating with technology providers and customers in a variety of industries. Our approach is guidance, support, and technical expertise that is recognized and guaranteed by our strong collaborations with industry-leading partners :

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We take an agnostic approach to solutions, which means we don’t believe one size fits all . Our team takes the time to understand your specific needs and works with you to develop a customized solution that is tailored to your organization.

Our worldwide team of professionals speaks multiple languages, which enables us to effectively communicate and collaborate with organizations across the globe.

Our center of excellence is composed of certified mobility and security experts who have proven their skills on more than one hundred projects.

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