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Water & Environmental Engineering

Improving Profitability and Sustainability through the Optimization of Water in Industrial Processes 

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Forecasts indicate that by 2050, every other summer will resemble the extreme conditions witnessed in 2022, leading to a notable decrease in water availability and subsequent deterioration in water quality. Additionally, predictions indicate a 55% increase in water demand against a backdrop of 30% diminished resources. These changes pose immediate and substantial risks to production, finances, and reputation. Our team of experts is committed to preserving water accessibility, optimizing its management within industrial processes, and collaborating with the sustainability team to address environmental concerns at the site. Through these efforts, we aim to achieve global strategic objectives while mitigating the impacts of water scarcity and quality degradation.   

Water & Environmental Engineering Center of Excellence at Amaris Consulting

In our commitment to supporting clients and sustainability at Amaris Consulting, we help you improve your profitability by optimizing your industrial water processes. 

Discover our three offers that can be combined to better face these new challenges: 



Process Optimization

  • Analyze water supply patterns serving industrial sites.
  • Characterize consumed water resources. 
  • Diagnose consumption, identifying the largest water consumption areas in the industrial process, as well as their cost. 
  • Evaluate existing scenarios of continuity disruption (drought, pipe breakage, loss of resource, local pressure on the surface water resource, available renewable groundwater). 
  • Conduct assessments of the water environment. 
  • Study the existing setup and implement intelligent metering, rainwater storage, and wastewater reuse processes for washing water. 
  • Estimate budget aspects of expected expenditures: CAPEX / OPEX / ROI.
  • Define KPIs for monitoring the reporting policy on the water footprint of the studied site and the decided action plans. 
  • Seek project subsidies: European and national subsidies. 
  • Implement technological recommendations and solutions aimed at reducing, reusing, or recycling the use of process water. 
  • Conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. 
  • Integrate recommendations into the global strategic plan. 
  • Definition of specifications aimed at integrating water-saving systems. 
  • Project management: Ensuring end-to-end delivery of projects and re-engineering processes. 
  • Streamlining current production, process improvement. 
  • Operational Maintenance and Management: Ensuring optimal operation with comprehensive maintenance services.

Sector solutions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of solutions we have implemented for our clients from different sectors. If you want to assess the relevance of these solutions for your own industry, please do reach out to us. 






Oil & Gas


Why choose Amaris Consulting?

Our clients benefit from comprehensive and actionable support, spanning from auditing to the implementation of water-saving processes. We specialize in delivering sustainable and profitable projects across all industries.   

Our high level of expertise and seniority:


End-to-End Support: Our approach encompasses everything from initial auditing and analysis to the execution and monitoring of water-saving strategies, ensuring a seamless and effective implementation process. 


Sustainable Outcomes: Our focus on sustainability means that we not only help reduce water usage and costs but also support the long-term environmental goals of your business, aligning with global sustainability standards. 


We prioritize solutions that are not just environmentally sustainable but also economically beneficial, ensuring that our projects deliver a strong return on investment and contribute to the profitability of your operations.

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