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The telecom sector is experiencing significant changes in network design due to advances in technology, increased demand for data, and new trends such as edge computing and 5G. Companies must become more agile and flexible to deliver new services quickly and cost-effectively. 

Network Design Center of Excellence
at Amaris Consulting

The Network Design Center of Excellence has multidisciplinary teams positioned in different countries and time zones in order to respond to market needs, as well as the local and regulatory specificities of each country.

Optical Fiber


Within our two departments, optical fiber and radio, we provide rapid and secure deployment solutions, including program management, auditing, and quality management on multiple aspects:

  • Strategy: imagining and structuring projects
  • Architecture and custom solution design: defining technical solutions and simulating them
  • Detailed engineering: implementing solutions
  • Deployment: managing and steering the project portfolios entrusted to us
  • Maintenance: guaranteeing optimal services
  • Network auditing and planning: project or program governance, network compliance check

On the radio, we offer the following services:

  • Operations, quality of service (QoS), and optimization: monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and optimizing

Under this Center of Excellence model, we ensure the quality of deliverables and the time to market.

Furthermore, we are trained in the use of numerous software programs such as the following:

Whether IS operator software or market software: NetDesigner, NetGeo, GTF, ITEROP, Fibertool, Calimap, ArcGis, Qgis, Autocad, Geofibre, Ipon, Tigre, GeoReso, Optimum, Comac, Capft, Land2Fibre, and Fiberscript

Whether IS operator software, market software, or for the general public: ATOLL, ROBO, Autocad, Ibwave, RR, Node, and Photoshop

Sector Solutions

Within this Center of Excellence framework, we work with many clients, from fixed and mobile telephone operators to public investment network operators. 

Fixed and mobile telephone operators

We offer network integration and optimization services, including network audits, improvement recommendations, and strategy development for a cost-effective, scalable, and efficient network that meets future needs and requirements.

Public investment network operators

We support public investment network operators in optimizing network design and reliability in rural and underserved areas through performance evaluations, improvement recommendations, network management system design, and training of the operator’s team. Our goal is to deliver stable, high-quality service to users.

Why Choose Amaris Consulting?

With a multitalented team experienced in telecom engineering and mainly located in Western Europe, the Network Design Center of Excellence helps its customers meet the major challenges of telecommunications. Our expertise is divided into two areas: fixed access and mobile access.

We carry out fully integrated projects, assuming management of the entire production in our design office and controlling engineering before exploitation to improve network constitution and optimization.

Our teams make homes eligible for fiber every month and work on all types of projects, from large cities to smaller ones (very dense to medium-density areas) to public investment networks in all territories.

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