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Digital Solutions

Mastering Complexity with Custom Digital Platforms

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As the business environment grows more complex, digital transformation intensifies competition across sectors and challenges the way companies provide value to their customers and operate their businesses.  

To remain competitive, companies must design and develop custom digital platforms that can help them master the inherent complexity of their processes, ecosystems, and markets. 

Digital Solutions Center of Excellence
at Amaris Consulting

Our Digital Solutions Center of Excellence is equipped to provide you with a comprehensive range of technology services that cater to all your requirements. Whether you require assistance with user experience, interface design, web development, mobile app development, or support and maintenance, we are here to assist you.

User Experience

Interface Design

Web/Mobile App Development

Support & Maintenance

We provide solutions for a full range of business needs:

Designing an efficient solution necessitates a thorough understanding of the users for whom the system is intended, their activity, and the context in which this activity occurs.

  • User research: Discuss with your users, observe them in their environment, understand their problems and needs
  • Secondary research: Collect information on the theme (and/or the market) of the solution and analyze the existing solution in order to reveal usability problems
  • Ideation: Make sense of information gathered about users, their activities, and the context in order to transform it into design ideas
  • Generation: Create tangible representations of possible solutions the design team can interact with and users can evaluate
  • Evaluation: Test the quality of the solutions produced with target users

The interface is the privileged point of contact between the user and the solution. It must be intuitive, desirable, and reduce the mental load.

  • Wireframing: Create a clear overview of the page structure, layout, information architecture, user flow, functionality, and expected behavior
  • High-fidelity mock-up: Design pixel-perfect screens incorporating graphic identity and user interactions
  • Design system: Centralize the library of components, visual and reusable code principles, and the elements of the interface
  • Prototyping: Realize the archetype of the final interface (of a website, a mobile application, or software) that simulates the user’s interactions with this device

Our core business is designing digital platforms and custom applications and integrating them into your existing information systems

  • DevOps: Collaborate with all stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle to quickly deliver a high-performance, reliable solution in a secure environment
  • Back-end: Capitalize on the design work done upstream of development in order to automate your business processes as much as possible and ensure they run smoothly on the application
  • Front-end: Interact directly with the user through an ergonomic, intuitive, and responsive interface while ensuring optimal integration
  • Testing and QA: Prepare and execute the tests of the developed functionalities by integrating feedback cycles with the customer in order to proceed to the last improvements before the product launch

Once the solution is deployed, proactive support is essential to ensure the continuity of your operational activities, gain in performance, and even upgrade your platforms.

  • Support tracking and management: Centralize customer requests through a ticketing system by offering a unique and adaptable workflow as well as traceability of failures in a continuous improvement process
  • Service-level agreement: Define a timeframe for considering detected anomalies according to the level of severity of the reported incident and its impact to order the processing of tickets
  • Corrective third-party maintenance: Resolve tickets with or without the commitment of reactivity; capitalize on the technical documentation while providing a long-term vision of the functional evolutions
  • Evolutive third-party maintenance: Develop new functionalities by including the load of resolution and the planning of realization, realized and tested on our premises or on our customers’ premises

Sector Solutions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of solutions we have implemented for our clients in different sectors. If you want to assess the relevance of these solutions to your own industry, please reach out to us.


We create applications for management of access to clients’ production sites that identify external participants, their tasks, their locations, and safety measures. Such applications save time, minimize errors, and guarantee safety, especially for larger sites.


We provide proactive support to our clients, ensuring an uninterrupted functioning of their information systems, improving their performance, and facilitating platform upgrades through development and testing. 

Maritime Logistics

We comprehend our clients’ pain points and with our extensive understanding of maritime logistics, we implement cutting-edge technology trends and best practices to enhance our clients’ systems and enable them to automate their processes.


We have extensive experience in designing and developing multiple solutions in the insurance sector to help our clients gain competitive advantages. Our project references cover almost all activities of an insurance company, including onboarding new customers through different channels (traditional, bancassurance, e-commerce, etc.), managing insurance contracts and agents, and handling claims.

Why Choose Amaris Consulting?

Through an iterative, user-centered approach, we can validate ideas swiftly and make informed data-driven decisions. This enables us to provide our clients with co-developed and effective solutions. Our mission is not solely to deliver value at a faster pace.  

Our cross-functional teams collaborate closely with clients to fully understand their unique challenges in order to develop successful products and services, but also to equip our clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to sustain their agility and competitiveness in an evolving market. 

The Digital Solutions Center of Excellence is made up of consultants from around the world. To resolve the issues clients face , our team of skilled people is focused on the following:


Our added value in the product design phase (UX/UI) thanks to our proven methodologies and our dedicated in-house teams


Our technical culture and our ability to define with you the right technical architecture according to the specificities of your project


Our expertise in back-end development and API interfacing, which allow your platform to integrate perfectly with your IT ecosystem and with standard market solutions (ERP and CRM, in particular)


Our ability to support you in a holistic way, thanks to a team covering the entire field of digital (business analysis, UX/UI, project management, but also DevOps and QA)—a team that will be a source of ideas


Our commitment to leveraging the latest and most efficient technologies to provide exceptional outcomes for our clients.  

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