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Securing your Future with Sustainable Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

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The environmental crisis is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. Because everyone has a role to play, we are committed to having a positive impact on our environment, people, and clients. Sustainable businesses implement responsible practices into their operations to reduce negative impact, create social benefits, and generate long-term value. 

Sustainability Center of Excellence
at Amaris Consulting

To better support you in these new challenges, our offers and expertise are evolving. Decarbonizing your company is not only about reducing your carbon footprint: it’s also about increasing your performance in a sustainable way, whatever your sector. 


Discover our three offers and let’s build the sustainable world of tomorrow together. 

Sustainable Organization

Commit to a responsible sustainability approach with transparency to attract new talent

Digital Responsibility

Reduce the impact of digital technology on your carbon footprint by optimizing your assets and educating your people on sustainable practices

Eco-designed products

Roll out eco-designed products that will appeal to your customers and boost your competitiveness

We provide solutions for a full range of business needs:

  • Awareness
    • Raise awareness of eco-friendly practices (climate fresk, etc.)
    • Train spokespeople on CSR policy promotion
    • Carry out a technology watch by providing regular reports
  • Define and communicate
    • Measure the carbon footprint of the company or challenge an existing one
    • Implement CSR strategies
    • Draft extra-financial reports compliant with the new CSRD rules that can be included in an annual sustainability report or a communication on progress
    • Improve communication with stakeholders to avoid the pitfalls of social/greenwashing
    • Classify your activities according to European taxonomy
  • Take action
    • Assist in the preparation of certifications (SBTi, B Corp, ISO 50001, ISO 14001) and assessments (EcoVadis, CDP)
    • Launch a responsible purchasing strategy
    • Improve business resilience by identifying and managing climate risks through strategic planning
    • Steer a carbon reduction action plan after the roll out of decarbonization solutions
  • Awareness
    • Raise digital responsibility awareness (digital fresk, etc.)
    • Train developers on how to integrate eco-design into their applications
    • Train business analysts to challenge business needs with digital sobriety in mind
  • Define
    • Evaluate the maturity of a company according to the practices of green IT
    • Steer the carbon reduction action plan after the roll out of decarbonization solutions
  • Take action
    • Implement CMDB and monitoring tools to optimize asset management
    • Implement a responsible digital policy
    • Optimize equipment end-of-life
    • Launch a responsible purchasing strategy
    • Develop eco-conceived applications
  • Awareness
    • Train talent communities on how to develop eco-design products
  • Define and measure
    • Set up and roll out a user-friendly tool to help product designers (eco-design studio, etc.)
    • Take charge of the life cycle assessment (simplified or detailed) of products with a dedicated or shared team
  • Take action
    • Conduct critical reviews of eco-designs or standardize the eco-design process
    • Define and steer the carbon reduction action plan
  • Roll out a responsible purchasing strategy

Sector solutions

The following is a non-exhaustive list of solutions we have implemented for our clients from different sectors. If you want to assess the relevance of these solutions for your own industry, please do reach out to us. 


We carry out environmental studies for our clients’ stores. We help them analyze the life cycle of lighted gondolas, for example, in order to choose a new and more sustainable solution.


Our clients benefit from responsible digital services training to increase the eco-design web application expertise of their development teams. This service also trains teams on how to measure the environmental and social impact of their applications. 

Financial services

We encourage managers to become proactive spokespeople of their CSR policy by inspiring them through testimonies and by leading ideation and in-depth workshops to help them define and promote the projects they wish to roll out. We help facilitate action plans and remove any difficulties encountered, follow performance indicators, and organize team challenges with fun and dynamic activities.  


We help our clients design eco-friendly products by rolling out life cycle assessment solutions and instantiating specific components that product designers find easy to use. Our detailed product life cycle assessments enable clients to meet procurement requirements. 

Why choose Amaris Consulting?

The Sustainability Center of Excellence is made up of consultants from all around the world. 

To resolve issues faced by clients, we provide:


Customized solutions co-built with the client, based on our expertise.


A methodology based on a small-step approach, oriented toward concrete actions and ROI, enabling maximization of quick wins and prioritization of actions in line with your strategy and objectives. 


Solutions that have been tested and approved internally. Amaris Consulting is a prime example of CSR commitment:  continuously improving its environmental and social performance. 

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