Optimizing Workspace IT Equipment:  Amaris Consulting’s Custom On-Site IT Support Solutions

How Amaris Consulting provides tailored on-site IT support solutions ensuring both efficient and cost-effective services.

IT support

Our client

Our client is a leading name in the car fleet industry and a key player in international banking. With operations in 30 countries and a team of around 7,200 people, they offer extensive car leasing services. Their diverse clientele includes self-employed individuals, SMEs, large international corporations, and public sector entities. Their global reach and expertise allow them to provide solutions that help clients manage their fleets both efficiently and sustainably.

Challenges faced

Managing multiple suppliers, each with their own support models and scopes, was complex and inefficient for our client. Their operational sites varied widely, from small offices with as few as 13 users to larger offices accommodating up to 710 employees, including remote locations. Ensuring consistent IT support across such diverse settings required bilingual proficiency in both English and local languages to facilitate effective communication and seamless service delivery.

The next challenge arose when the client expanded to 24 sites across three continents, supporting a total of 3,670 users. To succeed, they needed a provider capable of offering localized support tailored to each region’s specific requirements. This provider also needed to manage fluctuating workloads, collaborate closely with the client’s internal IT teams to synchronize strategies, and implement a centralized governance model for efficient project oversight.

Addressing these challenges demanded not just technical expertise but also a keen understanding of regional nuances and a proactive approach to service excellence.

Paving the way to success

To provide consistent support across 24 countries, Amaris Consulting offered full 8/5 on-site support in both local and English languages. Our services included maintenance, break-fix activities (resolving issues as they arise), and IMAC tasks (Installation, Move, Add, Change). IMAC tasks involved setting up new equipment, relocating existing hardware, adding new software, or making configuration changes. Our break-fix services covered desk-side support for desktops, laptops, iPhones, iPads, printers, WiFi, and basic network issues. We also handled infrastructure and business projects, office relocations, and temporary demand spikes. Plans to introduce Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are set to further refine service management. SLAs are formal agreements that define the expected level of service, including response and resolution times, ensuring clear expectations and accountability.

Users can access support by visiting the IT corner, submitting a ticket directly to an on-site technician, or reporting issues through the helpdesk. To manage costs effectively, we implemented three tailored support models based on ticket volumes and country-specific needs:

  • Model 1: A dedicated, 100% on-site team for high-demand countries.
  • Model 2: On-site support two days a week for moderate-demand countries.
  • Model 3: An on-call support model for countries with lower demands.

This strategy guarantees that each client receives personalized support, enhancing both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits unlocked

Our expertise and collaboration have ensured consistent quality and optimized management. Amaris Consulting oversees personnel and Quality of Service maintaining high standards across the board. We also provide additional support during peak periods to ensure continuous service. This centralized strategy offers our client streamlined management and superior service across all locations.

Amaris Consulting is your trusted partner for specialized IT Infrastructure and Equipment support. Contact us today to see how we can help you tackle your challenges and achieve your goals together!