The Data-Driven Evolution of Bouygues Telecom

How Amaris Consulting tailors solutions in reporting, automation, and application development to optimize operations.


Our client

Bouygues Telecom, a French telecommunications operator and subsidiary of the Bouygues group, has been a key player in the industry since 1994. Ranked as the third largest among France’s four national mobile operators, it follows Orange and SFR and precedes Free Mobile. With a track record of innovation and service excellence, Bouygues Telecom aims to ascend to the position of France’s second-largest operator, trailing only Orange.

Challenges faced

Since 2021, Bouygues Telecom’s Central Engineering Department has undergone a significant operational transformation, emphasizing the maximization of data utilization. This strategic shift aims to automate processes, enhance internal operations, and improve overall efficiency. By integrating Business Intelligence tools for reporting and automating repetitive tasks, Bouygues Telecom has enabled quicker, data-driven decision-making, freeing up valuable resources.

As this transformation progressed from 2022 to the present, the organization recognized the need to further rationalize and industrialize its operations. The expansion of these new processes demands the growth of Bouygues Telecom’s data and automation competence center to effectively manage the increased scale and complexity.

Paving the way to success

To address these challenges head-on, we began by implementing a DATA activity center, initially based in Paris, and later expanded to encompass operations between Paris and Tunis, with additional support from our Data & AI center of excellence in Belgium.

Our approach was underpinned by our Agile methodology, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving requirements. Through sprint planning meetings, our development team gained clarity on objectives and tasks to be integrated into the sprint backlog. Subsequent sprint reviews provided a platform for internal stakeholders to offer feedback and pose questions, while retrospectives facilitated the identification of key areas for improvement.

To strengthen our efforts, we put in place local management and coordination teams, complemented by an incubator to foster innovation. The project started in 2022 with a team of four members and has expanded to its current strength of 20 members. These team members are strategically distributed between Paris and Tunis, ensuring efficient collaboration, and leveraging diverse skill sets to drive project success.

Our team remains focused on developing custom applications, delivering data preparation services, and conducting advanced data quality analysis to ensure reliability and usability. To optimize our operations, we utilize a variety of tools, including Jira, Confluence, and Power BI, enhancing data management, and facilitating seamless project coordination.

Benefits unlocked

Our expertise and strategic coordination across locations have played a key role in providing essential support and encouraging the launch of new initiatives. The existing DATA activity center delivers specialized production and expertise in Business Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), supported by continuous recruitment efforts.

Additionally, our value contributions have been optimized through the support of Amaris Consulting’s Data experts, fostering the exchange of best practices and the integration of innovative technological solutions. The project’s valuation exceeding €1 million underscores the tangible efficiency gains achieved through our data and automation solutions. With the production of hundreds of reports and ongoing maintenance to meet the diverse needs of six different departments within the operations directorate, we have consistently attained high client satisfaction scores.

Furthermore, we have implemented advanced consistency checks to meticulously extract and verify information from each plan, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of our data. By ensuring seamless synchronization, we empower more precise decision-making and implementation processes.

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