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Healthcare systems across the world are struggling with several challenges: aging populations, an increasing need for chronic care, and growing public demand for access to safe and effective treatments.

There is therefore a growing need to re-think the way the healthcare ecosystem functions in order to utilize resources effectively while continuing to innovate in a sustainable way.

At Amaris, we understand the healthcare industry’s importance as a key driver of innovation and improved disease outcomes. While innovation is critical in the pursuit of improved population health, its sustainable development and implementation are increasingly being put to the test.

For companies to succeed scientifically and commercially they must have a deep understanding of the complex network of stakeholders involved in the healthcare ecosystem and the many requirements of each. These include physicians, patients, medical and scientific organizations, healthcare providers, payers, and of course regulators. Understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of these stakeholders ensures that the product developed meets the right quality and compliance standards and brings the desired value to the final users at an economically justified and viable cost.

Improving the quality and increasing the quantity of healthcare data has resulted in the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the healthcare scene. With expanding applications across drug discovery, manufacturing, clinical care, and workflow optimization AI and ML are increasingly seen as credible ways to increase innovation, improve outcomes at a population level, and optimize care in a cost-effective way.

While these developments are promising for the whole healthcare ecosystem, there are still many technological, regulatory, and financial hurdles ahead to ensure safe, impactful, and sustainable wider adoption of such technologies.

At Amaris, we understand not only your current challenges, but also what lies ahead. We have developed comprehensive consulting offers which aim to maximize value and ensure quality. Our offers span from supporting product development, to establishing and optimizing internal processes and procedures, and ensuring the commercial and market access success of your products. Amaris Consulting’s objective is to help you optimize your work flow, improve productivity, ensure quality, reduce costs, and prove the value of your product.

Stretching across a broad range of healthcare client segments, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechs, medical device companies, and healthcare providers, Amaris has the expertise and global presence required to assist clients worldwide.


A Key Partner

Our full spectrum of services helps organizations solve the toughest challenges in this rapidly changing world.

Health Economics, Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Market Access

Addressing your market access and HEOR challenges early on is critical to the success of any innovative healthcare technology.

At Amaris, we help healthcare innovators bring their technologies to market by generating the strategic evidence and insights needed to make their products accessible for millions of people around the world. We offer strategic advice and use novel methodologies to quantify the value of assets to ensure broad and efficient access to patients.

We seek continuous improvement in the quality of all our services by investing in our people and fostering a culture of innovation. We care about our partners and we work with them to leverage our knowledge, skills, and experience to help fulfil our purpose and create a positive change in the healthcare landscape.

You can find out more about our expertise in economics modelling, strategic market access, evidence generation, review and synthesis, real world evidence, and value communication by contacting us.

If you are interested in how innovation will affect the market access and HEOR space, please reach out and we will be happy to discuss our ideas with you.

Quality Control, Validation and Regulatory Compliance

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals is becoming increasingly complex due to more stringent regulatory requirements and technological advances. Our full spectrum of services helps organizations with their good manufacturing practices, quality assurance & quality control, regulatory & compliance, and project management related challenges. Our expertise allows our client to maintain the existing quality aspect, but also to improve manufacturing/production performance, bring new products to market, and take into account the sustainability and social responsibility stakes.

IT Infrastructure and Digital

Life science organizations must keep pace with technological innovation as digital solutions become ever-more important. Our data integration and analytics solutions can help you make the most of your existing data, providing a quick and interactive overview of your operations. Our expertise in technology such as AI and machine learning can help improve your business applications and processes which will ultimately enhance performance.

Research and Development

Life sciences sub-sectors such as pharmaceuticals and biotech are increasingly multinational and competitive, particularly for research projects.  Research and Development is crucial in order to respond to the world’s greatest global health challenges. Advancements in R&D are leading not only to new products, but also to new ways of innovation. Our dedicated team of R&D experts helps you translate your idea into reality.

Engineering and Manufacturing

With the rise in competition, increase in standards and regulations, and evolution of healthcare dynamics, the future of healthcare manufacturing is full of challenges. Increasing the price is not always an option. To avoid disruption, organizations need to reduce cost, streamline their operations, and innovate more rapidly. With our experience in tech transfer, procurement methods, and logistics and supply chain, you can achieve engineering and manufacturing excellence.

Amaris Consulting offers technical expertise and solutions across a full spectrum of Life Sciences services.