Transforming Operations Management

Development of a web application for the optimization of operations in productive environments.

In an effort to become a national leader and a role model in operations management methodologies for service companies, Amaris Consulting wants to offer its clients the best products.

Through continuous market analysis, we have identified a demand for methodologies and management tools to improve operational efficiency and management of demand, capacity, and reliability in meeting deadlines.

The Transforming Operations Management project focuses on the development of a software infrastructure that allows the implementation of a systemic management model in service companies (production companies through their professional services).

The aim is to optimize operations, improve efficiency through a better use of qualified resources, and increase reliability on customer deadlines.

Amaris Consulting proposes the implementation of a new tool: the Transforming Operations Management.

Main breakthroughs:

  • Service Factory: Working with all available talent and skills for the available workload within a system or defined work environment
  • Smart Allocation: Achieving a proper match between tasks and talent to prioritize actions
  • Performance Monitoring: Defining proper measures (system performance) based on adequate variables (KPIs)

Main benefits:

  • Automatic multi-project task prioritization based on project status, deadlines and skills workload
  • Optimized use of qualified resources in projects or services
  • Improved control and reliability of customer deadlines
  • Measuring operational performance and continuous monitoring of system variables.
Transforming Operations Management

There are numerous solutions in today’s market focused on task management. Tools such as Trello, JIRA, etc. have advanced graphic interfaces and highly optimized usability. However, these tools have significant limitations:

  • They do not allow users to quantify the activity in progress
  • They do not prioritize tasks globally based on objective information such as project progress or skill workload
  • They do not have alarms to ensure project deadlines are met

The Transforming Operations Management tool presented by Amaris Consulting aims to achieve better productivity in professional services companies through a systemic approach, similarly to industrial sector companies, allowing them an increased mechanization and technological advances, among others.

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This project has been cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – “Investing in your future”

Project Details
Duration09/2019 – 02/2021
Project TypeResearch and Development
Implementation areaMadrid, Spain
Co-funding bodyCentre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)
Co-funding ProgramPID – European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Project IDIDI-20200108
Transforming Operations Management
Transforming Operations Management

How Amaris Consulting developed a web application to optimize operations in productive environments.

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