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Organizations are experiencing significant progress driven by digital transformation, and making well-informed decisions has become one of the main differentiators for success. This is where Business Intelligence (BI) comes in.

BI is a technological process that analyzes internal and external data to transform information into knowledge. This technology collects insights from a wide variety of sources and uses different tools to process them. BI optimizes the decision-making process.

A double-edged sword

According to the EU, data-driven business models are the engine of growth, industrial transformation, and job creation in Europe.

BI makes companies more resilient and capable of overcoming challenges by helping identify potential risks and new opportunities. A Gartner survey found that, in almost every industry, companies planned to accelerate investments in BI, with 85% of executives making it a personal priority to rely more on data to make decisions.

With insight-driven organizations growing at an average annual rate of 30% and high levels of BI investment, it is surprising that only a third of companies have a robust data strategy. This is because while the benefits of BI are many, challenges remain which especially impact small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Incorporating this technological process into an organization is not simply a matter of hardware and software: it involves changing the processes and culture of a company. Moreover, BI systems are complex to incorporate and manage, and require a substantial amount of financial investment.

SMEs often face the challenge of having large volumes of data to process yet lacking the appropriate expertise and resources to manage the data properly. This results in the loss of competitive advantage and difficulty adopting a data-driven management strategy.

Building a growth engine

BI brings organizations growth opportunities and the ability to optimize their internal operations.

The BI4SME course was developed to minimize the impact of BI-related challenges and help SMEs better leverage its benefits. It offers an integrated training strategy for SMEs to learn the skills needed to incorporate and manage BI systems, enabling them to boost their competitiveness and growth across Europe.

Using our project management and digital tech experience, Amaris Consulting oversees the entire process. We help our client deliver an innovative learning experience tailored to European SME company leaders and managers, as well as MBA students and early-stage entrepreneurs. The program is structured to equip non-IT professionals with the relevant BI knowledge and skills needed to build successful businesses.

Develop today to succeed tomorrow

In the digital era, professional skills are evolving faster than ever. To ensure relevancy, it is important not only for companies, but also for individuals, to keep pace with change.

The BI4SME course provides a comprehensive understanding of BI: how to use it properly and how to implement its digital systems in organizations. Participants will discover the different types of tools and methodologies it offers and learn how to use them effectively. By exploring the opportunities and challenges related to BI, they will acquire the ability to apply it to real business cases and learn how SMEs can benefit from it.

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Project Details

Project title BI4SMEs – Boosting Business Intelligence Skills for SME Growth
Project ID2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000033132
Project websitehttps://bi4sme-project.eu/
Project duration02/2022 – 08/2024
Co-funding bodyEuropean Union, Spanish National Agency (SEPIE)
Co-funding ProgrammeErasmus+ Programme
Project partnersP0 – Amaris Consulting (Spain) – Coordinator
P1 – Portuguese Association of Start-Ups (Portugal)
P2 – Synthesis Center for Research and Education (Cyprus)
P3 – iED – Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece)
P4 – CDI Community Development Institute (North Macedonia)
P5 – WSEI University of Economics and Innovation (Poland)

“BI4SMEs – Boosting Business Intelligence Skills for SME Growth” (2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000033132).

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