Your Leadership Adventure as a Manager at Amaris Consulting

Stepping into your career journey is an exciting adventure, especially when fueled by ambition and a hunger for leadership. If you’re nodding along, then Amaris Consulting is the place for you. Here, a job isn’t just a role; it’s an opportunity to grow and make a real impact. Did you know that 70% of our top leaders started in entry-level positions? Take Cahê Kuczera Toporowicz , for example. He began as a business trainee in 2013 and now serves as an Executive Vice President at Amaris Consulting. Your journey could be just as remarkable. Imagine where your ambitions could take you! We’re on the lookout for passionate individuals ready to make their mark.

Embracing entrepreneurship at Amaris Consulting

At the core of a Manager’s role at Amaris Consulting lies an entrepreneurial spirit, —a mindset synonymous with pioneering, exploring, and forging new paths.  It’s more than just managing projects and teams; it’s about envisioning the future and making it a reality. As a Manager, you’re an entrepreneur within the organization, entrusted with identifying opportunities and turning visions into tangible outcomes.

The multifaceted missions of a Manager:

  • Business Development: Managers at Amaris Consulting are key drivers for growth, not only shaping projects but also ensuring the company’s revenue continues to grow and clients remain satisfied.
  • Recruitment and Management: Central to a Manager’s role is recognizing top talent, aligning them with Amaris Consulting’s vision of innovation and excellence. Your role also involves coaching and empowering your team of consultants, who are crucial for project success.
  • Financial and Administrative: in addition to leading people and projects, Managers excel in financial strategy and operational efficiency, guided by monthly profit and loss statements.

3 requirements for future leaders:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Your passion for thinking outside the box and making a difference sets you apart.
  • Adaptability: You thrive in dynamic environments, managing various tasks and responsibilities.
  • Strive for excellence: You’re motivated by challenges that push you to grow and expand your horizons.

Real-life inspirations: meet Erwan and Felipe

 Felipe Ortiz Breton, Manager in Colombia, turned challenges into opportunities, leading his team to success in one of the most vibrant markets.   

Erwan Cavelier, a Senior Manager whose journey from a fresh graduate to a leader showcases the rapid career progression and diverse opportunities at Amaris Consulting. Find more about his story here.

You can follow our campaign each week on our latest videos.  Follow us on LinkedIn to discover more inspiring stories from our people!

Career growth opportunities

At Amaris Consulting, your career path could lead you to roles such as Experienced Manager, Senior Manager, Department Manager, and even Operational Director. With the potential to advance from Experienced Manager to Operational Director within six to eight years!

Our recruitment process in a snapshot:

  • Initial contact: Begin with a 30-minute conversation with our recruitment team to discuss about your ambitions and how they align with Amaris’s mission. We’re eager to discover the person behind the resume, understanding your passions and potential.
  • Interviews and discussion – The three-part interview process:

First interview: Discover your potential Manager or the Director. In this interview you will know more about your role, your mission, the challenges, and the skills we value. It’s the perfect time to highlighting your achievements and any projects or successes you’re proud of. We want to know about your latest projects or success during your school year or during your internship you are proud of.

Second interview: Meet a senior leader or your future teammates. This is your time to share what you’ve discovered about us and how thrilled you are to join us and how well we fit with your expectation. After our first talk, this is where you can see if you connect with us and if you want to be part  of our community!

Third interview: The final round will be with the Director to discuss about the job offer.  

    Ready to make the step?

    Are you ready to release your entrepreneurial spirit and thrive in an international environment? Join us at Amaris Consulting, to unlock your full potential. Visit our careers page to get started. Your Amaris Consulting adventure awaits!

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