CES 2023: 5 intriguing innovations 


The world’s largest and most significant technology trade show, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is back influencing and inspiring the masses with the latest innovations. Occurring every January in Las Vegas, the 2023 edition saw the attendance of two thirds of the Fortune Global 500 companies, and more than 3,200 exhibitors from around the world – representing more than 170 countries in total.

At Amaris Consulting, we help our clients develop innovative processes and technologies. The guidance and support we provide enable our clients to take their rightful place on the global stage of innovation. Our teams are passionate about new technologies and emerging trends so let’s dive into a selection of products that stood out and raised visitors’ curiosity!

Aska A5: The Flying Vehicle 

Perhaps the most shocking product was Aska’s A5 electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle. The ASKA A5 can be driven on roads like other cars but with the additional – and extraordinary – ability to fly in the sky and operate as an aircraft. The flying vehicle is the size of a large SUV, holds four people, and has a fully electric system with a range extender.

The eVTOL has a flight range of 250 miles and a flight speed of up to 150 miles per hour. Taking off into the air only requires finding a compact space to serve for its launch. The Aska A5 can be charged at EV charging stations or at homes.

While CES 2023 saw the world’s first operational eVTOL vehicle prototype and demonstration, the Aska A5 is still undergoing regulatory approval. It should be ready for commercialization in three years.  

Klling: New Language, Same Voice 

Klling created a video dubbing solution that produces dubbed videos in various languages with an innovative twist: when it dubs a video’s sounds and speech into different languages, the dubbed video keeps the voices of people from the original video.

In just 30 seconds, Klling learns voices. The video solution then manipulates recorded voices into properly pronouncing and intonating words in different languages. Klling uses deep learning technology to adjust lip movements to match dubbed sounds, ensuring words are pronounced in sync. People in their videos thus appear to speak other languages perfectly.

Klling currently supports dubbing in four languages: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English. More languages will be supported in the future.

TTCare: AI Healthcare for Pets

TTCare is a pet healthcare app designed to instantaneously detect animal illness or infection. The app is simple to operate: users just need to take photos or videos of their pet. In less than ten seconds, the app analyzes the images or videos and provides users with a health assessment.

The app uses state-of-the-art AI to detect whether pets are experiencing abnormal symptoms – with an accuracy rating of over 90 percent. If abnormal symptoms are detected, TTCare offers veterinary advice on treatment, the option to book an online veterinary consultation follow-up, and information regarding local veterinary practices.

TTCare is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Photo Credit: Consumer Technology Association 

Contact Glove: Touching in VR 

Contact Glove is the first-ever VR controller that provides tactile feedback in the form of a slim glove. Its revolutionary haptic technology allows users to feel that they are truly touching and grasping objects while in VR simulation. These controllers were developed specifically to enhance the VR gaming experience.

While most haptic gloves use vibration motors that are bulky and heavy, Contact Glove developed a tactile module using shape memory alloy coils to provide a light and realistic VR controller experience. This innovative way of delivering tactile feedback is a gamechanger for the gaming industry.

HAPTA: Smart Makeup Applicator  

L’Oréal has developed HAPTA, an accessibility-centric smart makeup handheld applicator which allows people with limited hand or arm mobility to apply mascara and lipstick easily. HAPTA’s smart motion controls and magnetic attachments enable 360° of rotation and 180° of flexion, enabling precise makeup application for users with limited range of motion.

The device uses motion sensors to detect hand motions, and a tiny built-in computer to determine whether its user’s movements are intended or not. If the computer detects a hand tremor, the handle’s motors will move the attached product in the opposite direction of tremors.

Every year CES showcases shocking and revolutionary products, and 2023 was no exception. As the tech sector continues to see breakthrough after breakthrough, CES can be relied upon to expose and highlight innovation.  

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