Proud to go the extra mile, every day

An article by Jean-François Thunet, CEO at Amaris Consulting

These days, it seems like almost everyone is trying to contribute to change the world. Amongst them are more than 60 million consultants, including freelancers who are quietly contributing to research, development, and innovation every day.

Often misunderstood and somewhat overlooked, tech consulting companies make up a large proportion of this consulting community within which commitment and passion are critical for clients’ success. These clients include hospitals, schools, energy suppliers, banks, mass distribution, biotech, etc. All the business activity which forms the lifeblood of our economies and societies uses tech consulting firms in some way. These days, there is no business without technology.

24% of new graduates go into the consulting sector, which is the biggest recruiter of engineers globally. Tech consulting is not only our job, it is our vocation. It is the know-how and expertise which are as essential to our economy and society; doctors, teachers, bankers, businesspeople, and researchers all use the technology we develop. We are not “fishing for compliments” here, but we should be proud and happy to do our job well.

Our work is often regarded simply as the ability to recruit the people who carry this work out. This is the human factor that the market delegates to us. But isn’t business, above all, a human adventure? Isn’t the key to success precisely in our ability to always recruit the best and to offer them the chance to contribute to the right projects at the right time? Where can we find serious and passionate specialists, who always aim for excellence in each of their domains? Tech consulting companies bring together a unique talent community which is enthusiastic and ingenious, devoted to the success of others’ projects.

Amaris means “to be loved” in Latin. Amaris consulting’s organic growth over the past 13 years has been among the highest in the sector. Today, Amaris sheds its skin, striving to embody this passionate, proud, and accomplished international technology consulting company. We are passionate. We want to be the positive agents of change and innovation. We want to propose the boldest and most creative projects to our teams, who in turn ensure we always have the best solutions for our clients.

“The most important step a business can take is the next one”

The need for change is real, but change isn’t easy. The ability to adapt and transform economic and industrial models has never been more important for companies’ resilience within this ever-changing world. Nine in ten of the 1955 Fortune 500 companies have disappeared. There has been a lot of “creative disruption” over the past 65 years and this is likely due to successive technological advances and changing trends. It is reasonable to assume that most of the companies in today’s ranking will have disappeared by 2080 for the same reasons.

Technology is at the heart of all business, of all our daily habits. It is the key to advancement in almost every area, from automating medical reports for junior doctors, allowing them to dedicate more quality time to their patients, to facilitating remote working in optimum security conditions for companies and their teams. It is also the key to sustainable development, allowing companies to develop their business whilst preserving our environment.

For 13 years, we have been a trustworthy and reliable partner, and we always go the extra mile. We have been earning our clients’ trust across the world for over a decade. Our daily motivation is to help companies develop themselves. Our clients’ projects are their own but they are also our passion. We are proud to do one of the noblest jobs there is: helping those who keep the world moving forward.

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