Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

In an increasingly complex global economic environment marked by various business disruptors, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus on agility is greater than ever. We are noticing a strong inclination for organizations to move from a traditional operating model to an agile one, with a focus on collaborative and iterative process improvement. Yet launching a comprehensive agile transformation roadmap remains a significant challenge. It’s not just about implementing agile practices into the business model; it’s about becoming agile and delivering better value to customers.

Why does your company need an Agile consulting expertise?

The Agile methodology is not a project management approach like any other. Such a transformation does not happen overnight, it requires experts who can manage time and workload. The successful adoption of the Agile method offers many benefits to an organization, including:

  • Meeting customer needs
  • Increasing team productivity
  • Managing changing priorities
  • Improving project visibility
  • Strengthening business alignment
  • Reducing time-to-market

Why choose Amaris Consulting?

We understand that this transformation is not an easy decision to make. Amaris’ talented agile community has helped our customers reap the benefits of agile adoption, evolving with market trends and emerging business needs. Our services include the following:

  • Innovation:
    • Testing your critical hypothesis
    • Identifying problems and proposing the right solutions
    • Building and testing your products in a week
  • Agile Transformation:
    • Assessing the organization’s agile maturity
    • Creating a roadmap with a clear vision
    • Empowering people to act on the vision
    • Redesigning the organization, enabling fast and continuous delivery
  • Product:
    • Transforming the traditional approach of product development
    • Maximizing the product’s values in a minimalist version with incremental and iterative improvements
  • Agile Delivery:
    • Continuous Delivery pipeline
    • Building an effective team: from the agile coach to the successful team
    • Forming concrete alignment of agility’s purpose and trust
  • Agile @Scale:
    • Maintaining the same agile maturity with one or even more than ten teams
    • Reducing time-to-market
    • Improving quality
    • Increasing employee engagement
  • Training: Agile Academy
    • Agile principles and values
    • Lean-Agile mindset applications
    • Professional Scrum Master
    • Professional Scrum Product Owner/Product Manager
    • SAFe framework

Amaris Consulting and SAFe’s partnership

To encourage organizational transformation and innovative software development, Amaris Consulting partners with SAFe to equip clients with holistic agile solutions. By combining Scaled Agile’s framework (SAFe) with the expertise of our experts, our partnership paves the way for a stronger, more adaptable, and resilient business.

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