Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Artificial Intelligence

Successfully completing a digital transformation requires a well-founded data strategy and execution plan, driven by multidisciplinary teams that combine business insight with technical expertise across data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud development, user experience and data visualization.

The importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Data science and AI can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal operations, as well as facilitating and improving companies’ data-driven decision-making abilities.

Supported by the right data architecture, tools, and data governance processes, AI and data science have the power to revolutionize business operations; from better customer understanding to the identification of weak points and inefficiencies, as well as reducing human error and enabling enhanced forecasting.

Why Amaris Consulting?

At Amaris, we believe that teams with so-called ‘T-shaped skills’ are critical to connect data to business value. T-shaped profiles combine entrepreneurship, creativity, and leadership with mastery in one or more technical areas.

Our team of experts are trained to build high-value data services, be it a real-time dashboard tapping into gigabytes of streaming data, a machine learning model forecasting daily product-level demand, or a personalization service to recommend a new product. Check out how one of our Artificial Intelligence experts explains the purpose of Artificial Intelligence.

To provide our clients with the best service possible, we offer full implementation capability, from idea to go-live stages. Our experience in AWS and Microsoft cloud environments mean our clients benefit from the most reliable, up-to-date technology available.

Our Services

Here is a non extensive list of services we can provide:

  • Definitions & assessments: Maturity assessment & data strategy, use case definition
  • Design & implementation: Data & solution architecture design, capacity or project- based implementation
  • Data platform of the future: designing data platforms to support business analytics and data science use cases.
  • Customer engagement: creation and delivery of customer data platforms and marketing automation capabilities to engage with customers across all channels.
  • Data science and AI: extracting value from data through advanced data analysis and machine learning through continuous interaction with end-users as well as data governance.
  • Cognitive automation and augmentation: eliminating waste from business processes through AI enabled process automation.

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