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Cognitive Solutions (chatbot & virtual assistant)

The way customers interact with brands is shifting, meaning businesses must now reinvent their customer touch points to maintain high satisfaction. These changes can include increased personalization, such as more mobile, messaging, and voice-based interactions.

Consequently, this is driving a massive shift in how organisations collect data and use it to the end user’s benefit.

The need for change

As well as the need to optimize business processes, work intelligently, automate judgment-based tasks, and complement their workforce with smart systems, businesses must also:

  • Use the immense amount of data they collect intelligently
  • Find people skilled in building complex machine learning models
  • Reach a level of maturity in data science to productize technology
  • Achieve a positive return on investment on Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations

The key to achieving the practical and pragmatic digital transformation required to address the above needs lies in the optimization of businesses’ data use: data must be used in a smart way to promote efficiency across business applications and processes.

Amaris Consulting’s cognitive automation services use artificial intelligence to help businesses optimize and automate their processes and tools in an agile and efficient way.

Why Amaris Consulting

Amaris Consulting’s significant experience in large-scale cognitive solutions and our pragmatic approach to AI integration means we’re the partner of choice for companies across the world.

We leverage best-in-class, innovative cognitive services built by industry-leading companies that are easily embedded into businesses’ applications on an incremental scale, minimizing disruption and creating a seamless experience.

This means businesses can use AI techniques and reap the benefits of judgement-based automation without the need for a full internal data science team or infrastructure, all while sustaining a positive return on investment.

Our services

In order to gaining insights into consumer behaviour, optimising every customer touch point to provide a friction less experience and earning customer engagement as a result, our experts help clients with:

  • Use case definition and business case calculations
  • Proof of concept execution
  • Develop and roll-out a cognitive solution
  • Solution maintenance

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