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Collaboration Platforms

Collaborative platforms, sometimes known as ‘social software’, integrates work processes with broad social networking. It provides a virtual space not only to store documents and files, but also to collaborate and enhance organizational culture.

Increasingly, workers are looking for flexibility from employers. Organizations must therefore prepare for mounting expectations surrounding remote or hybrid working and freelance arrangements.

One of the major challenges of a distributed workforce is keeping channels of communication open. Collaborative social platforms provide the ideal solution for staying in touch and up to date with your teams around the world, allowing co-workers to share business related information within the parameters of the business’ infrastructure while still being social.

Amaris Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Partner with a team of 30+ experts working with SharePoint and Office 365. Through our 3 global production centres, we help our clients manage their content according to their business’ needs by increasing profitability, productivity, performance and efficiency.

Our expertise in collaborative platforms includes:

  • Integrating systems
  • Designing and crafting collaborative experiences
  • Developing applications with SharePoint and Office 365

Building a collaborative environment can be as simple as providing employees with a private room for brainstorming, and as complex as using augmented reality for project visualisation. For some it could mean using new communication platforms and technologies to unify distributed teams.

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