Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Technology is evolving faster than ever, and at the same time customer expectations are rising exponentially. Companies must therefore keep pace with the growing demand for consistent product performance.

How can companies overcome such a challenge? By establishing and maintaining functional and physical attributes aligned with product requirements for the duration of the product’s lifecycle.

In order to maintain this consistency, companies rely on configuration management to ease their manufacturing process, ultimately making it easier to automate checks and redundancies.

Benefits of Configuration Management

Configuration management is key to building a product that matches planning specifications. Configuration management benefits include:

  • Reducing technical risk and ensuring correct product configuration
  • Distinguishing product versions
  • Efficient system maintainance by eliminating the need for individual maintenance issue check-ups
  • Ensures alignment with the latest standards

Why Amaris Consulting

At Amaris Consulting, we have a holistic approach to configuration management from design to deployment. Our experts help to generate: 

  • As Designed’ items: hardware representation of each component
  • As Specified’ items: functional representation of each subsystem
  • As Built’ items:  logical or physical localization of each instance of each subsystem
  • As Deployed’ items: association of each component’s part number and of the firmware version of each application component for every instance of each subsystem.

In addition to our comprehensive solutions, our experts also offer :

  • Process definition and follow up
  • Support through a variety of tools (e.g. Paloma)

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