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Today’s business environment is one of heightened security in the face of frequent cyber-attacks. To remain protected against cyber threats, companies must find a partner who can help to mitigate these risks.

The fight against hackers is an unfair one: a lack of cyber-security expertise and IT skills means that companies are never certain of their readiness for a cyber-attack. 40% of businesses that experience a critical IT failure (e.g. data leaks, breaches) go out of business within one year, meaning cyber security is now a top business priority.

Hackers also have seemingly limitless resources, and sophisticated, multi-stage hacks are becoming harder to detect due to constantly evolving attack methods.

Security audits and forensic analysis must be performed to prevent attacks that could damage connected systems and compromise your company’s information. All organizations with systems connected to the Internet must prioritize cybersecurity if they hope to avoid the economic and reputational damage a cyber-attack brings.

Our expertise in cyber security covers:

  • Web audit
  • Penetration testing
  • Security assessment
  • Compliance consulting
  • Strategy definition
  • Training

An additional custom-made service that can be tailored to your requirements.

Our outsourcing services are not about you giving up control; rather, businesses gain control through working with a partner who provides honest, relevant and useful information.

Reduce costs without reducing security. Our focus is on offering maximum value consistently.

Years of experience and a context-driven mindset enable our team to fit in seamlessly with your existing workforce and organization.

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