Deployment for fixed and mobile network consulting

Deployment For Fixed & Mobile Networks

Telecommunication operators are at the forefront of digitalizing people’s habits due to the spread of broadband internet access. As potential digital players emerge and successfully develop new business models widely known as the Over-the-top (OTT) services, the market is becoming more competitive, bringing challenges as well as opportunities to the traditional operator’s business.

To meet the growing connectivity demands, CSPs need to invest heavily in growing their network infrastructure, which includes fiber densification, 5G implementation and fixed/mobile network deployment and convergence. Building a robust strategy will enable corporations to implement the best-adapted site, maintain network quality, limit operational expenses, and increase profitability.

How can Fixed & Mobile Networks experts help?

Fixed broadband and access wireless technologies are being integrated and updated continuously to accommodate the increasing needs of data users. As networks are getting denser, telecom operators have identified some of the ways our experts can help:

  • Improving network capacity, high bandwidth capabilities, and the speed of the system
  • Improving profitability over the cost of network rollout
  • Formulating realistic strategies for implementation timeframes and ensuring reliance on sufficient data
  • Securing the necessary skills and human resources to build complex network layer architecture that meets the huge demand for fiber densification

Amaris understands these challenges, and with our industry know-how, we support telecom clients through every stage of their journey and can help them achieve their goals in the next generation of network infrastructure. 

Why Amaris Consulting?

We offer a wide range of services with step-by-step processes for implementation in line with market innovations. We’re committed to bringing the best speeds and quality to our clients, some of which includes:

  • Fixed Access Network: FTTO, FTTA, FTTH deployment
  • Radio Access Network: 4G, 5G, LTE rollout
  • Network virtualization

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