The aim of DevOps is to deliver value faster and safer. DevOps deals with planning, integration and automation of processes related to software development, and the reliable maintenance of a software solution. It integrates software development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops).

The importance of DevOps

DevOps helps to ensure the smooth delivery of services and facilitates better working relationships between the teams building solutions and those who maintain them. It breaks down silo mentalities and enables teams to be proactive, improving reaction times across departments.

As well as improving agility and reducing time-to-market through faster software deployments, DevOps also boosts innovation thanks to reduced cycle times and the ability to keep pace with fast-moving market developments.

Business continuity and end-user satisfaction benefit from DevOps too; up to 80% of outages are caused by system changes. DevOps greatly reduces the likelihood of things going wrong and facilitates faster response times if needed.

Why Amaris Consulting?

At Amaris Consulting, we have extensive experience in delivering DevOps solutions to organizations across the world.

We are continually striving to improve on existing practices and processes, thanks to our internal research and development programs

Our solutions-driven approach ensures our clients have the best fit for their needs. We believe DevOps is a culture, and we bring this mentality to each project we undertake. With seamless integrations, our DevOps solutions adapt to your business exactly as they should.

Our services

Here is a non-extensive list of services we can provide:

  • Managed DevOps stack: Our teams can handle existing DevOps technological stacks or implement one from scratch.
  • Environment management: Managing requirements and provisions related to cloud or on-premises infrastructure.
  • Migration to/from the cloud: Cloud & on-premises. We help with the service migration process and decide which kind of environment fits best.
  • Infrastructure as code: Agile provisioning of infrastructure to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Continuous integration strategy: We prepare for CI blend and select the best approach dependent on individual requirements.
  • Automated deployment processes: A full guide to all deployment automation, outsourced or in-house.
  • Release on demand: New functionalities released to customers according to critical business value, not technical limitations.
  • Automated security processes: Continuous security monitoring during development, ensuring a quick response for integrating security operations.

Our exclusive DevOps product catalogue

At Amaris, we help you streamline and automate processes with our end-to-end DevOps services. We make sure that your development and operations are in sync and deliver continuously in a transparent and agile manner and to do so, we have 3 exclusive Amaris’ DevOps delivery models:

  • Puzzle, the continuous integration framework: When the pieces do not fit together out of the box, the Puzzle library can be expanded to create a customized solution for a specific problem. If adopting existing DevOps paradigms is unfeasible, our tool can cover your needs.
  • Buffet, the self-service portal: Easily manage the supply and demand of environments, machines, and services with our orchestration technology. Track consumption and free your operations teams from repetitive actions.
  • Poirot, for continuous inspection: Extract metrics with every change in the code of your applications using an automated pipeline to get instant feedback for both developers and managers.

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