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Engineering Office: Fiber Network, Radio Network Coverage & Design (Low Level Design)

Now that 5G is set for commercial availability, innovation in engineering is inevitable. With a unique combination of high-speed connectivity, low latency, and ubiquitous coverage, 5G promises new opportunities for businesses from different industries.

However, communication service providers (CSPs) now have the challenge of successfully setting up 5G infrastructure from scratch without incurring extremely high infrastructure costs. They require a denser and fiber-rich infrastructure and better radio network coverage to be able to deliver improved speed, ultra-low latency, and better quality of service. Implementing this will help CSPs surpass competitors and reap the full benefits of this technology.

To deploy this type of technology on an industrial scale, it is necessary to be able to provide quality LLDs that can be relied upon.

Benefits of engineering innovation in telecoms

At Amaris Consulting, we understand the positive impact engineering innovation brings to our CSPs, and we focus on the following advantages while delivering our services:

  • Faster internet speed
  • Better bandwidth
  • Lower costs
  • Better network coverage
  • More flexible for future
  • Secure communication

Why Amaris Consulting?

Our experts help clients conceive and engineer advanced infrastructure by developing and implementing comprehensive network strategies. Our offer includes:

Internet Protocol and Optical Fiber

  • FTTX Engineering
  • Operator networks & internet services provider tools

Our team of 75+ experts is skilled in fiber optics and civil engineering, helping our clients to build and optimize their network. We provide solutions with fast and secure deployment, including project management, audit, and quality for FttH (Home), FttO (Office) or FttA (Antenna). Click here to learn more about our project management expertise in telecom.

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