Literature reviews are used to address research questions around such issues as the burden of diseases, unmet medical needs, efficacy, and safety of treatments. They are also considered core to the evidence base required by many reimbursement authorities worldwide. When executed well, reviews can be a powerful support to value strategy and can inform clinical and economic differentiation arguments. Meeting the high evidence demands for reimbursement requires thorough analyses and understanding of the current research to identify key value drivers, data gaps, and comparative effects across therapies, along with a team of experts that can integrate all of these into a coherent value proposition.

Amaris’ Evidence Review & Value Communications team brings its scientists, clinicians, modelers, and statisticians together into a fully integrated team to create a holistic value story supported by a robust body of evidence. Their work in combination with our communication expertise can help you develop compelling arguments presented in an accurate, succinct, and engaging story format to shape effective payer positioning and use evidence to overcome payer objections. We can help you further elevate your value communication by leveraging our digital expertise to create interactive and engaging tools for your payer and physician facing teams.

Evidence reviews are the cornerstone of informed decision making in healthcare. They are considered an invaluable tool by policy makers, clinicians, and researchers when it comes to synthesizing and understanding large volumes of data. They are also required during health technology assessment processes to ensure methodological robustness and lower the risk of evidence bias. Furthermore, evidence reviews are increasingly used in strategic decision making by the healthcare industry as there has been a growing need for stronger integration between scientific, medical, and commercial teams in such activities. Clinical, economic, and patient outcomes-focused reviews often form the backbone to multiple core health economics, outcomes research, and market access activities. If executed correctly, with a technical as well as strategic perspective in mind, they can be a powerful tool which can drive comparative and cost-effectiveness claims, and also shape the overall product value proposition. This is the mindset and approach that Amaris has when delivering evidence review and product value projects. To achieve this combination of robustness and strategic insight, our teams are always composed of consultants and researchers of diverse backgrounds and skills. Much like our clients, we believe that the multidisciplinary nature of project teams is what delivers the highest value, stimulates thinking, and brings innovative ideas.

We have experience in the following therapeutic areas:

Our evidence synthesis team has conducted studies in various disease areas including oncology, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, mood disorders, metabolic, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases, as well as orphan diseases.

To deliver the best quality, we often engage with clinical or economic key opinion leaders who can provide input and insight into results interpretation and work with us on the publication of the study results.

Our services in evidence synthesis include:

  • Systematic literature reviews (SLRs)
  • Targeted literature reviews (TLRs)
  • Evidence scanning services
  • Global value & reimbursement dossiers
  • Core value propositions
  • Payer communication materials

To deliver the best quality, we often engage with clinical or economic key opinion leaders who can provide input and insight into results interpretation and work with us on the publication of the study results.

We believe that our the following elements are our key success factors when performing evidence synthesis

  1. Multidisciplinary project teams working together to solve your research questions (clinicians, statisticians, epidemiologists, economists) to make sure that your end goal is taken into account properly
  2. Our rapid response unit ensures a fast turnover of data analyses following internal SOPs
  3. Our organization structure is designed to ensure the highest quality of deliverables across our offices
  4. We leverage our inner-group synergies to offer innovative solutions to you (i.e. automation of systematic reviews, interactive value dossiers and payer communication tools)
  5. Thought leadership: Our team of experts has extensive experience in navigating the evidence complexity which often is associated with reviews, specially if used to support a product value proposition
  6. Flexibility and efficiency in delivery: The nature of reviews and global value dossiers often requires flexibility to account of scope modifications or enrichment of the evidence which is currently collected. We understand the need for this and therefore our project delivery is agile and allows for staged decision making and flexibility in execution

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