Green IT

Green IT

Technology companies have a crucial role to play on the path to net-zero. The environmental footprint of the IT sector is growing exponentially with a potential of increasing 50% impact in the next 5 years, emitting almost 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This generates the current trend for focusing not only on developing faster and more powerful devices, but also on implementing efficient green computing strategies to mitigate their environmental impact.

The cultural shift towards sustainability remains a large challenge for the IT sector due to the growing demand of electronics and the soaring price of energy. Key initiatives such as device management, virtualization, power management and mutualization of computing resources are being taken by businesses to maintain their reputations and stay relevant.  

Why does your company need a Green IT consulting expertise?

Major challenges to green computing implementation are many and varied, including having a good overview of the priorities to be put in place with the associated KPIs. Green IT consulting team can help companies avoid such complications, and help them to find effective and sustainable solutions. This expertise enables the development of:

  • Motivation – launch a new sustainable IT strategy
  • Impact – take a holistic approach to the acquisition of electronic devices
  • Tools – deploy sustainable information systems
  • Culture – promote a sustainable digital culture
  • Teams – engage stakeholders with sustainable solutions and services

Why choose Amaris Consulting?

The Amaris Green Tech Care offer provides our clients with comprehensive IT tool support: from auditing and strategy deployment to operational support.  Our experts enable tech companies to reduce their environmental impact and fulfill next-generation computing requirements. Our services include:

  • Detailed analyses of environmental maturity​:
    • Energy use and consumption​
    • Governance framework​
    • Digital service
    • Data centers
  • Strategy development:
    • Regulatory compliance​
    • Life-cycle impact reduction
    • Carbon equivalent offsetting
    • Low environmental impact strategy development
  • Adopting digital sobriety:
    • Digital sobriety policy deployment​
    • Eco-design and infrastructure
    • Developing an effective infrastructure steering committee
    • Provisioning tools
  • Promoting the digital sobriety mindset​:
    • ​Effective business communication
    • Sustainable digital culture​ cultivation
    • Monitoring adherence​
    • Green IT training and handbooks for talent communities

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