As the pace of digital transformation accelerates, companies are being challenged to quickly implement reliable and robust software solutions that can adapt to their information systems and meet their business needs. Simultaneously with this emerging wave, the Java technology continues to lead as an effective programming language and is undoubtedly taking the way we do business to the next level.

Why choose Amaris Consulting for your Java consulting expertise?

Java is one of the three most popular programming languages. As the software market grows, so does the talent pool, requiring more than just high-level technical skills. This is generating a high demand for partners to support organizations in implementing end-to-end Java solutions, quickly and efficiently.

To help our clients overcome this challenge and accelerate the implementation of Java-based digital solutions, Amaris has created the Java Factory, a unique ecosystem that brings together all the success factors, including:

  • A people-focused approach: in addition to technology, we pay close attention to our teams’ well-being and evolution.
  • A client-centric approach: we take a client-centric approach by placing the user at the center of the project, from the design phase and throughout the life cycle of products and services.
  • An industrialized and globalized platform: we industrialize all the processes and tools of the production cycle to save time and improve product quality.
  • An agile organization: with the support of our coach and scrum master, our teams not only master agile concepts and methods, but also adhere to the agile philosophy and its values to find solutions that are in line with contractual and organizational constraints.
  • Continuous improvement: we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, but we want to continuously improve it thanks to our client’s feedback.
  • Reduced time-to-market: Our organization and industrialized approach allow us to reduce time-to-market by making product fragments available to end-users as soon as possible (MVP).

Our services

As part of our Center of Excellence, the Java Factory brings together a community of experts to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution throughout the product lifecycle:

  • Application design: working directly with business teams or their representatives, our business analysts receive and convert business needs into functionalities in the form of functional specifications or User Stories. UX/UI experts analyze user behavior to produce ergonomic and attractive interfaces.
  • Application coding: our development teams code solutions using development practices (TDD, BDD or DDD, among others) that are adapted to the project and product requirements (Web, Mobile, Desktop solutions).  We use quality validation tools to ensure that product quality is constantly maintained.
  • Application build & rollout: we use a CI/CD pipeline to facilitate and ensure reliable code integration, manage dependencies, and automate rollouts to consistently deliver business value
  • Application operation: we use the DevOps approach to integrate application operation constraints from the design phase in order to offer end users a complete application asset.
  • Application monitoring and improvement: teams can be mobilized to ensure that applications are monitored and updated until the final decommissioning phases, depending on the needs and constraints of the project.

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