Modern Device Management Consulting

Modern Device Management (MDM)

In today’s digital world, businesses must implement solid strategies to achieve their full potential and make the most of the latest technology.

Removing roadblocks and achieving device adoption at scale helps companies maintain a secure and cost-effective technology stack as well as providing an improved user experience.

Having proper device management will allow organizations to onboard teams from any location with any type of device in the blink of an eye.

The importance of modern device management

Technology is a great business enabler, particularly when it is optimized and rolled out in the most efficient way possible. Modern device management (MDM) helps businesses to:

  • Improve efficiencies: Modern Device Management (MDM) means less time spent on configuration and administration related to devices
  • Improve user experiences: great user experiences mean more time spent on high-value tasks, and less frustration among talent
  • Offer a ‘device as a choice’ program: giving users the ability to choose the devices that they are comfortable with is now a key criterion for attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Better manage device fleets: improved oversight of device fleets means improved asset management, increased efficiencies, and proactive repair and replacement.

Why Amaris Consulting?

With many years’ experience working closely with technology providers and clients across a wide range of industries, Amaris Consulting is the partner of choice for companies across the world.

  • International presence: Our worldwide team have the localized knowledge needed to ensure smooth roll outs and adoption.
  • Agnostic: Our unbiased approach means we’ll deliver the device management services best suited to individual needs.
  • Major partnerships: Working closely with major technology suppliers means we have access to the solutions you need when you need it and can also act as a reseller in some cases.
  • Certified teams: Our consultants are fully trained and certified, meaning your MDM is in safe hands.

We advise and support companies by helping them deploy, manage, and secure their devices. We are by businesses’ side to optimize enterprise device management and make it scalable, efficient, and straightforward with services such as:

  • Audit
  • Benchmark
  • Proof of concept
  • Architecture & build (implementation & integration)
  • MDM migration as required
  • Training
  • Run & support

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