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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

To remain competitive and to match customers’ ever increasing expectations, healthcare systems have to make every effort to prevent errors, learn from mistakes, and manifest a culture of safety. 

Quality acts as a differentiator for almost all products and services in Pharmaceutical industry, and companies have started seeing it as an investment rather than an expense which is required to maintain regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality systems can be implemented in all facets of your drug development lifecycle, from research to manufacturing and distribution. With the focus on continuous improvements in effectiveness and efficiency, here are some benefits of a reliable quality system:

  1. Organizational effectiveness
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Compliance
  4. Organizational structure
  5. Documentation

Why Amaris Consulting?

At Amaris, our quality experts support companies to meet and exceed customer expectations while maintaining high levels of productivity and minimizing waste. Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control experts can support you throughout the entire drug development lifecycle.

Focus on one of our expertise: Cleaning Validation

At Amaris Consulting, we understand the importance and complexities of building a sound cleaning validation program. Our service allows our clients to outsource this task to experts who can support with tasks such as:

  • Planning and preparation:
    • Manufacturing flow study
    • Plan creation
    • Management of laboratory analysis activities
  • Training:
    • Remote training on Good Manufacturing Practices, and the main analysis techniques (HPLC, TOC etc.)
  • Support:
    • Troubleshooting
    • Critical data analysis
    • Support on the analytic method
  • Revision:
    • Raw data revision
    • Document review

Why work with us

  • We ensure compliance with regulations
  • We make complicated workflows as agile and efficient as possible
  • We decrease human errors by having specialist experts on the proposed activities
  • Have resources available for contingencies and emergencies
  • Reduce wastage of both resources and time

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