Market access challenges continue to grow, with payers looking for value for money, especially in uncertain times with increasing economic pressures. The Amaris team are skilled at unpicking the payer challenges and advising on the best approach to achieve the optimal price and maximum access for new products. We have a track record of supporting companies from early strategy to final pricing and launch and have worked on some of the most successful products. We are a truly multi-disciplinary team bringing scientific and clinical expertise together with decades of market access, pricing, and reimbursement experience. This enables us to weigh the data and market research advice from payers/KOLs, along with an understanding of the future environment, and provide advice that is future-proof.

Amaris is at the forefront of driving innovation to provide solutions for some of the most innovative and challenging products. We have an established track record of supporting early efforts, pricing, and launch strategy of some of the best-selling drugs globally. Our practice benefits from the accumulated experience of conducting hundreds of projects adding strategic value to early product commercialization and strategy.

Our experts have decades of experience and we recruit from top universities and master’s programs, ensuring that every project is supported by robust strategy analysis. We build on high quality research to develop flexible and innovative solutions that meet the business needs of our clients. We continuously invest in our extensive network of payers, HTA experts, and KOLs which covers most relevant markets. Our teams in health economics are available to provide real world evidence and statistics for technical or methodological questions.

Our support within market access, pricing, and reimbursement includes:

  • Early market access strategy
  • Early price potential
  • Optimizing evidence package
  • Pricing and launch strategy
  • Addressing payer concerns
  • Internal workshops to align on strategy

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