UX/UI Consulting


A user interface (UI) is what people interact with when using a digital product or service. It encompasses everything from buttons and icons to screens, sounds, and pages, and is applied across technologies from AR/VR to mobiles and computers. User experience (UX), on the other hand, describes the quality of each encounter a person has with every aspect of a company’s products and services. Digital UX focuses on the nature of a user’s interaction with online assets.

An effective UI/UX delivers business benefits including customer acquisition and retention, lower support requirements, and increased productivity.

At Amaris Consulting we put ourselves in your users’ shoes to design the best experience possible.

Our UX/UI expertise covers:

  • UX/UI Design: We study and design digital products which are user-centered, measurable, and linked to the technologies which underpin them.
  • Service Design: We analyze consumption, processes, and channels to design experiences which improve the relationship between clients and users.
  • Brand Experience: We take a creative approach to defining brand experiences that fulfil customer promises.
  • UX Writing: We analyze the context to decide on the language and tone our users want us to communicate in.
  • Customer Experience: Everything we share with the public is part of our digital presence. We work hard to make sure this exchange exceeds customer expectations.
  • Training: Our innovative, creative, and multi-disciplinary team share skills and knowledge to help our clients understand and cope with any changes in the collaborative processes.

Our User Testing Lab

Our User Testing Lab is a space where people can collaborate to generate and test unique ideas, and we’re constantly working to improve and incorporate new tools. In our user testing lab, we can develop any type of product or service to improve usability and user experience. The Lab carries out research with real users for experience, device, and motion-tracking testing, and then analyzes the data gathered.

For multi-device digital projects, we begin with an analysis that includes focuses on structuring, evaluating, and testing the project. In the project delivery and subsequent support, the UX/UI remains key to ensuring the final integration’s success.

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