Amaris Consulting & Workday: Shaking up the world of enterprise software


Amaris Consulting, in collaboration with Workday, a cloud-based software company, equips businesses with a unified platform to effectively manage various aspects of their operations. Their collaborative approach focuses on seamlessly integrating traditionally distinct departments, such as HR and Finance, into a harmonious platform, leading to enhanced collaboration, precise data management, and heightened operational efficiency across a range of business sizes.

Elevate Your HR and Finance Experience with Workday and Amaris

Unite with Amaris Consulting, a renowned Workday Services Partner since 2014, and discover the future of holistic HR & Finance management. By embracing all of Workday’s core pillars, including HR, Finance, and Workforce planning, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored for forward-thinking international enterprises.

Why Choose the Amaris-Workday Partnership?

Unmatched Workday Expertise:

  • A reservoir of functional and integration-certified consultants.
  • Comprehensive solutions addressing both business and technical aspects.
  • Mastery across all Workday modules.

Depth in Functional and Technical Coverage:

  • A trusted partnership established since 2014.
  • Accredited consultants proficient in all Workday modules.
    • Workday Launch Methodology certified
    • Workday Project Management certified
  • Our consultants are deeply embedded in the Workday ecosystem, with an average experience of over 5 years.

A Truly International Dimension:

  • We are specialists in global projects with Workday implementations across 25+ countries.
  • Presence on multiple continents, ensuring round-the-clock support.

Our Offers

Our Offers

  • Configuration & Tenant Management
  • Reporting Management
  • Security Management
  • Data Management
  • Integration Management
  • Enhanced Release Management
  • Testing Management

We cover the full Workday platform: HR, Finance, Workforce and Financial planning, Security and Analytics.

  • Configuration & Tenant Management: Tailored processes from discovery to testing, ensuring seamless business integrations.
  • Reporting Management: Comprehensive support for all reporting tiers, from operational essentials to advanced developments including Prism analytics.
  • Security Management: Safeguard your data with meticulous role provisioning, ensuring the right access for the right individuals.
  • Data Management: Harness the power of Workday tools like Enterprise Interface Builder and Advance Load, for impeccable data transformation and validation.
  • Integration Management: Seamlessly link Workday modules with third-party systems, enriching your data resources using Workday Studio and Extend.
  • Enhanced Release Management: Stay ahead with evaluations of Workday’s latest releases, understanding their impact, and ensuring smooth rollouts.
  • Testing Management: In-depth testing solutions, covering unit, regression, integration, and user acceptance evaluations.

Partner with Amaris Consulting and Workday to redefine your HR & Finance landscape on a global scale. Take the leap to unmatched efficiency, security, and integration. Connect with us today.