Built-in quality throughout development

How Amaris Consulting supports a multinational company implement a strong and adapted Quality Assurance (QA) approach.


Our client

Our client is a multinational company that handles the ticketing of major professional sporting events through an innovative technological platform to handle all event delivery details.


Back in 2019, our client was facing several challenges that threatened their business.

The tech recruitment landscape is very competitive: candidate selection and onboarding thus proved very time consuming for our client’s recruitment and technical teams. The difficulty in finding high-calibre candidates and the acceleration of the recruitment process among competitors meant that our client risked losing their competitive edge.

To achieve new event milestones, our client’s business model also required improvements, especially in their time to market. They took a deep look at their software and managed to identify the root of their problems – the complexity of their code base. To correct this shortfall, the company adopted a Domain-Driven Design (DDD).

DDD is an approach that allows developers to create applications that will be bound to the business domain they represent. A business domain is the set of classes that represent objects in the business model being implemented.

The project

Amaris Consulting Customer and Delivery (C&D) helped its client apply a DDD to their .NET technology with a strong and adapted Quality Assurance (QA) approach.

Our experts organized the following trainings:

  • A high-level business domain analysis workshop
  • An architecture support workshop on refactoring and breaking down monolithic solutions
  • A hands-on test-driven development workshop for the development teams
  • A hands-on unit-testing workshop for the development teams
  • A quality strategy analysis workshop to identify points of improvement

Several quality-based work sessions were also designed to improve the company’s methodology for both the stakeholders and the technical team.

Each of these sessions included:

  • Risk-storming: identifying the main business risks through gamification
  • Risk analysis: resolving the main issues identified through risk-storming
  • Developing a standard quality strategy
  • Implementing the strategies required to mitigate prior risks
  • Analyzing and assessing results

Client benefits

Thanks to our training sessions, our client’s experts were upskilled to the latest DDD paradigm. This provided key benefits to our client and prevented them from incorrectly implementing the paradigm. All of our client’s development teams were involved in this initiative: each team member had the opportunity to work with the new paradigm.

With knowledge gained from our training sessions, our client’s people were able to create their own .NET library designed specifically for DDD implementation. All these projects shared both ubiquitous language and ubiquitous architectural design.

Business results

As illustrated in this client story, Amaris Consulting forms long-term partnerships to roll out solutions for major projects.

The business knowledge gained from our Development and QA workshops allowed our client’s experts – with additional support from the Amaris C&D team – to develop a tailored roadmap.

Our client’s development team needed additional expertise to meet future delivery requirements and milestones. Our Amaris Consulting C&D team supported them in this endeavour, allowing for the creation of a new software development team.

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