Facilitating change management across operating systems and devices

How Amaris Consulting facilitates change management across operating systems and devices

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Our client is an advanced materials and specialist chemicals provider with over 23,000 employees across 110 sites in 64 countries.

Amaris Consulting worked closely on the change management with our client on two global IT projects; the transition from a legacy OS to an updated version, and the implementation and adoption of new devices. 


  • Define needs and uses
  • Develop change management plans and user support
  • End user training
  • Analysis of adoption and performance indicators

Supporting change management and IT infrastructure upgrades

Following an initial audit phase, Amaris’ consultants worked in partnership with our client to define specific needs and use cases for upgraded IT infrastructure, specifically the end user transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 operating systems, and the adoption of Google devices (Chromebook, Chromebase) and additional devices (iPad, Android tablets, industrial equipment).

Providing support throughout the definition and implementation of communication plans and the creation of promotional deliverables, we also delivered coaching to our client’s teams on G Suite adoption and their change management strategy. We established a Google Ambassador Network to provide peer support when required.

Following the implementation and roll out phase, Amaris Consulting assisted our client in tracking and analysing adoption and performance indicators, providing a clear view on progress and uptake.


Amaris’ consultants were successful in helping our client to redefine their IT processes in order to achieve the roll out and implementation of upgraded IT infrastructure.

Stakeholders were mapped and synergies established to facilitate smooth end user adoption, including the democratization and promotion of the service and project benefits.

The upgraded infrastructure enhances collaboration for our client’s teams and creates efficiencies thanks to effective change management solutions.

Thanks to the training and coaching provided by Amaris a smooth handover was ensured, and our client’s teams are now fully capable of managing future changes in-house.