Amaris Consulting Transforms Balearia’s Fleet Maintenance with RPA Innovation

How Amaris Consulting implements RPA technology to transform Balearia


How Amaris Consulting implements RPA technology to transform Balearia

Balearia is one of Spain’s largest passenger & cargo maritime transport operators. With an annual turnover of €342m (2020), its 1,500-strong workforce runs a fleet of 29 ships providing ferry services on Mediterranean as well as Caribbean routes.

Project overview

Balearia’s fleet has grown exponentially in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to carry out the necessary maintenance and repairs. The client needed an overhaul of their existing approach.

Specifically, our contribution centered on the automation of Balearia’s PO process, which required an in-depth analysis of their entire Purchasing department as well as demonstrating to them how RPA technology could revolutionize their way of working.


Amaris delivered a proof-of-concept (POC) pilot focusing on creating and monitoring orders placed with maintenance / parts suppliers.

The automated process put in place by our teams was based on a robot gathering information from Google Forms, emails and other environments within Balearia’s system in order to get a precise idea of the number of hours a given ship would spend in a workshop for repairs. This data was then cross-referenced against invoices to detect any discrepancies.

The robot was entirely designed and built by Amaris in what was Balearia’s first ever use of RPA technology. The entire process was therefore developed ad-hoc for this client.

Results & benefits

For the first time, Balearia can accurately monitor the hours spent by maintenance providers on its fleet. Without any human intervention required, the client is alerted if a significant difference is detected between real data gathered by the robot and POs/invoices.

The invoices are now also generated automatically, saving Balearia’s employees time on this low value-add task.

Furthermore, the data obtained is clean and well structured, paving the way for further AI-based interventions.

Most importantly, the project achieved its targeted ROI within 7 months from implementation.

Amaris showed that they knew how to manage Baleria’s specific needs and timescales, which are different from those of smaller companies or bigger companies with more established systems.

Amaris’ contribution made it possible for us to finalize the prototype which we had set as the target of the project.

Providers like Amaris bring quality to company processes, fostering trust through immediate results.

Thank you for collaborating with Baleria and we hope to work with you more this year.

— Vincente Jimenez Escudero, Innovation Director