Cutting costs & maximizing efficiency through RPA with UiPath

How Amaris Consulting supports a leading technology innovator in the financial sector implement a strong RPA solution


Our Client

Our client is a leading technology innovator in the financial sector and a leader in managed infrastructure services. Our client is developing innovative strategic projects in the financial sector in areas such as mobility, social media, and cloud computing.


In a world where time is money, businesses can’t afford to waste precious minutes on massive amounts of paperwork and manual processes. That’s why our client turned to RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for its teams to focus on high added-value tasks. This optimization of their operations lead to providing their main customer with better prices and services, thus improving the customer and employee experience overall.

To this end, the company sought our consulting to help implement the type of process automation which would be most beneficial for their company. Moreover, they needed to develop a process to propose, evaluate, develop, and monitor automation initiatives.

The project

Amaris Consulting suggested to implement a service which would quickly determine the cost of automating and maintaining a process with its partner UIPath using RPA technology.

We also identified ways to manage all automation initiatives from the initial request until the automation is in production and daily monitoring is required. Throughout these processes, we were able to track the return on investment (savings, efficiencies, etc.).

To support the implementation process, we formed an RPAaaS team that was responsible for analyzing, developing, deploying, and maintaining all approved automation initiatives.

In addition, we have developed webinars to upskill the business departments responsible for identifying and automating the appropriate processes.

Results & benefits

After two years, our client was able to generate savings equivalent to eight FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) on average.

Today, the automation service is still running and each quarter, our client launches new automated features that further increase savings.

Additionally, they were able to cut down on the time it takes to complete a variety of processes; improving customer satisfaction as a result of enhanced responsiveness.

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