Establishing a Mechanical Design Skill Center for Luxury Watch Manufacturer

Amaris Consulting empowers a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, based in Geneva, to streamline their mechanical design processes, swiftly correcting SolidWorks plans and providing ongoing support.


Our client

Our client is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury mechanical watches and clocks, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Challenges faced

Following a comprehensive migration of the digital design of the watches to SolidWorks, our client required assistance in reviewing all migrated plans and extending the scope to cover all the company’s mechanical design needs.

Paving the way to success

To address our client’s needs, Amaris Consulting swiftly corrected plans shifted to SolidWorks and provided ongoing support for all mechanical design activities related to watchmaking. The solution included a flexible model capable of accommodating different levels of workload.

Benefits unlocked

The client was able to rely on highly-skilled resources, allowing them to unload excess low added value tasks from the workload. This strategic shift enabled the high-end client to concentrate more effectively on core business tasks. The Head of Industrialization commended Amaris as a key partner, emphasizing the company’s rare pragmatism in implementing solutions tailored to their needs.

“Amaris Consulting is exemplary in listening to the customer’s needs and is straightforward in implementing their services and solutions with a rare pragmatism. Therefore Amaris Consulting is a key partner, and their solutions are suited to our needs.”

Head of industrialization