Deploying advanced and scalable testing services

How Amaris Consulting supports a leading international retail brand implement advanced and scalable testing services


Our client

Our client is a leading international retail brand.


Initially, our client required a continuous evaluation of its multinational online shop’s entire sales funnel. Distributed, multi-platform and international test automation capabilities were required for this evaluation.

Over time, these needs evolved and our client required a more proactive approach. Specifically, they required release testing as they were moving towards a more agile organization. The client reached out to our Amaris Consulting experts to ensure a successful transition to this newer model.

The project

Amaris Consulting provided a small team of experts that were highly skilled in test automation in production environments; covering multiple browsers, devices, and countries. Amaris Consulting remained flexible and adapted to new client requirements as needed: expanding the team, providing a test lead and integrating testers in all our client’s teams.

Today, Amaris Consulting’s Quality Assurance (QA) Academy students complete their practical training by engaging with this client’s case study. This increases the number of pre-onboarded testers prepared to assist with pending tasks if required.

Additionally, Amaris Consulting’s QA team members are often consulted by other members from our client’s teams, as our experts can provide insight and tailored services thanks to their background and experience.

Client benefits

We have been able to build a long-term partnership with our client over the past several years by overcoming many challenges together: on business, organizational and technological fronts.

Throughout all challenges, Amaris Consulting’s QA team has always remained present, reliable and prepared to adapt to new and changing needs all the while delivering the best possible results.

What started out as a regular evaluation of our client’s online shopping experience has developed into a reliable partnership. Our experts’ ability to quickly find and solve issues in the production environment has allowed us both to accomplish so much.

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